Asian wedding cinematographer – Eastnor Castle – Misha’s and Tagveer’s

I had the honour of being part of Misha’s and Tagveer’s Asian wedding, which complied traditions from both cultures – Sikh and Hindu. The film compiles segments from a three-day period, which reflects the love and care that is injected into these traditions to ensure the union between the couple is embraced in the best way it can be. The Sikh Sageet combined with the Sikh Jago night took place one week before the wedding with massive amount of singing and dancing. The celebrations continued when it came to Misha’s celebrations, which took place a day before the main wedding. Members of the bride’s family joined together in the singing of songs and dancing, as well as enjoying a beautiful performance’s during the night. The main wedding day started with the traditional preparation of the turban. An outside temple ceremony known as Milni then took place in the Ramgarhia Sikh Temple in Coventry, which saw the families of the bride and groom exchange well wishes between each other. The Hindu Ceremony was held at Eastnor Castle in Herefordshire, which really captured the mood of the day. Friends and family gazed at the couple as they made their vows and paved the way for the wonderful future they have together. Celebrations followed, which saw all family members and friend commemorate the partnership between two very special people. This was cemented further by an emotional speech delivered by the father of the bride. Although such a wedding focuses on tradition, it also ensured that celebration and joy were a huge factor of the day. The wedding video not only shows the happiness that Misha and Tagveer share with each other, but also how much the couple mean to their family and friends. I must say that as a top Asian wedding videographer I felt really honoured to be a part of Misha’s and Tagveer’s Big Day.