Aston Hall Birmingham wedding film – Dharmesh and Ragini

Aston Hall Birmingham wedding film.
There are not many occasions where the friendship of marriage is felt so strongly. Being a cinematographer for the wedding of Ragini and Dharmesh was a complete joy because of their utterly infectious smiles.
Set in Aston Hall in Birmingham, the venue is an impressive Grade 1 listed building surrounded by 50 acres of parkland and beautifully presented manicured formal gardens which makes the ideal backdrop for photographs and the wedding film. For Ragini and Dharmesh, the stunning location and tranquil grounds were perfect for their special day. However, the beauty of the place only pales in comparison to the beauty of their wedding.
Hindu Wedding Film
Many elements made up the wedding of the groom Dharmesh and the bride Ragini. A Hindu wedding ceremony was performed honouring the tradition of the religious ceremony with great respect. The service began with an offering of a coconut. For many deities, the coconut is smashed to symbolise your humble ego before God.
Another key element of the Hindu wedding ceremony was the ritual in the presence of the holy fire. In wedding cinematography, the rituals involving the fire always produce a profound vision that brings colour and life to the wedding film. The dancing of the flames creates a great view for the video of important symbolic rituals that make a Hindu wedding ceremony so magical.
Civil Ceremony wedding film.
Another aspect of the two-day wedding of Ragini and Dharmesh was the civil ceremony, where the registers were signed in the idyllic and romantic Aston Hall. Ragini looked radiant in a floor-length white satin gown as she walked up the aisle to meet her future husband. Her beaming smile lit up the room, and all of the guests joined her smiling in pride of watching this incredibly happy occasion.
Throughout the whole ceremony, Ragini and Dharmesh gazed at each other like star-crossed lovers. It was clear for all the guests to see how in love they were and was a magical sight to capture on camera. The infectious smiles continued between the newlywed couple, their ‘I do’ just cemented their happy ever after.
What made the wedding of Ragini and Dharmesh so special was the unique elements of the wedding that made it so personal. Their vows really spoke to each other, using their experience and journey as a couple. Dharmesh discussed how Ragini’s gorgeous smile melted his heart every day and with that, the guests all melted at his beautiful delivery of his vows. The smiles increased when Dharmesh playfully teased his new wife about her ‘hangry’ issues and that he promised to keep her fed.
After the bespoke touches and Dharmesh and Ragini became husband and wife, the party atmosphere unfolded, and everyone could join in with their heartfelt celebrations. The first dance took place in a cloud of sparkling confetti, and from then on, the dancing continued late into the night with friends and family all making the most of this special day.

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