Civil wedding and Chunni ceremony Nottingham – Jagdeep and Raj

Weddings and civil ceremonies can differ for a number of different reasons, but each and every one has its own unique charm that make it’s a pleasure to shoot. Jagdeep and Raj are a wonderful couple who had a civil wedding together with a chunni ceremony.
The civil wedding was held at the DoubleTree Hotel in Nottingham, a hotel that boasts a modern structure together with a plethora of different amenities.
A chunni ceremony can be viewed as an official engagement between the bride and groom. The service often sees both sides of the family, recognising the bride and groom as a couple, and accepting them as a new addition to the family.
While filming the ceremony, it is evident that not only were this truly beautiful coupe accepted by their partner’s family, but adored, showing just how perfect the two are for each other.
The civil wedding was also an emotional highlight of the day, with many smiles and tears being shed as the two exchanged their vows. Jagdeep was full of emotion on the day, full of happiness that she had finally married her soulmate.
Family and friends from all walks of life were keen to adopt the culture and join in the celebrations, ensuring the day was one of fun, laughter, love and emotion.
The celebrations carried on into the evening, where no-one was left sitting down. The whole day from start to finish was one that was filled with an exciting atmosphere thanks to the wonderful people and the beautiful venue.
Days like this remind me why I enjoy shooting these kind of videos so much, as they never, ever get boring. What’s more, wonderful couples such as Jagdeep and Raj are able to have a timeless keepsake of their special day, which can be viewed by themselves or by friends and family who weren’t able to attend their big day.
I thank Jagdeep and Raj for allowing me to be part of their special day, and I wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours.