Colwick Hall Hotel Sikh wedding film Of Pinni and Nip

When it comes to a dream wedding day, many people hope for endless blue skies, sunshine and a beautiful venue. For Pinni and Nip, they got all this and more for their two-day wedding celebration. With a Sikh wedding ceremony at Guru Panth Parkash Gurdwara and a civil wedding at Colwick Hall Hotel, the wedding weekend couldn’t be more perfect for bride Pinni and groom Nip.

Pinni and Nip’s story

After meeting online, love blossomed quickly between Nip and Pinni. Nip fell in love with Pinni’s smile almost straight away as well as her sense of humour. For Pinni, Nip’s caring and gentle nature blew her away. As their relationship progressed, their opposite characteristics quickly balanced so their coupling was in total harmony. From goofy silliness to intellectual conversations, Nip and Pinni complement each other perfectly.
It wasn’t long before Nip realised Pinni was the one he wanted to be with forever. So, during a beautiful and hot summer’s day out at Kew Gardens, Nip found a secluded spot in the gardens and asked Pinni to marry him. The surprising and romantic proposal was further enhanced by the incredible engagement ring that Nip proposed with. He’d even designed the engagement ring himself!
From their engagement, thoughts quickly turned to their wedding. A wedding that needed to encapsulate their personalities and their faith. Nip and Pinni decided on a two-day wedding to celebrate their union, and I was delighted to be chosen as their wedding videographer for the whole event.

The Sikh wedding of Nip and Pinni

The Sikh wedding ceremony took place at Guru Panth Parkash Gurdwara in Leicester. With religion and the sacred teachings of Sikhism are both hugely important for Nip and Pinni, and this Gurdwara was chosen as the most special place where their two souls would become one in front of God, their loved ones and friends and family.
As a wedding videographer, it was a pleasure to capture many of the important cultural traditions, such as the exchange of garlands, during the beautiful wedding ceremony. It was certainly an emotional and joy-filled day for all of the guests.

The wedding celebrations at Colwick Hall Hotel

The stunning stately home of Colwick Hall Hotel was the most beautiful backdrop for the wedding of Nip and Pinni. With stunning gardens, beautiful fountains and water features and pretty flower displays, it was a joy to film the wedding celebrations in such an incredible location.
With the sun shining, the guests could enjoy the surroundings in all their glory. Then, when the sun went down, the guests danced the night away with a live band giving the wedding day an atmosphere to remember! It was a joy to film and a perfect wedding that really showcased the personality of the happy couple.



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