Colwick Hall hotel wedding film – Osama and Diana

The Wedding Film Of Diana And Osama

There is no greater joy than watching two best friends declare their love for one another. As a wedding videographer, I had the pleasure of filming the wedding of Diana and Osama, two best friends in love, coming together through a perfect wedding day for a marriage built on friendship and romance.
The wedding of Diana and Osama took place in Nottingham. The wedding ceremony was a beautiful occasion taking place in the architecturally stunning St Mary’s Church. St Mary’s Church is a grand Grade I listed building and is the largest medieval building in Nottingham. As a wedding videographer, it was incredible to film a wonderful wedding ceremony in such a historical and mesmerising venue.
The wedding ceremony was personalised with special touches to make it perfect for the bride a groom. A loved one delivered a heartfelt reading from the Song of Solomon. Showing the presence of true love, the passage included powerful lines including;
“Arise, my love, my fair one, and come away.
Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm.”
Watched by ten beautiful bridesmaids, a handful of groomsmen and many guests, it was clear that sharing this special day with loved ones was essential to Diana and Osama. After the bride and groom sealed their marriage with a kiss, they left the church with Osama, clicking his heels in delight, much to the joy of the friends and family gathered.
After being showered with confetti and cheers of celebration that Osama and Diana had officially tied the knot, it was time to celebrate with a vibrant, fun and decadent wedding reception.
With beaming smiles all around, the wedding reception took place at the beautiful country house, Colwick Hall. With 60 acres of beautiful countryside, manicured gardens and picturesque water features, it was the ideal place for wedding videography.
Colwick Hall provided the perfect backdrop for the beautiful moments shared by the newlywed couple, which I made sure to capture on their wedding film so that they could relive these first moments of marriage for the rest of their lives.
It was then time for the wedding breakfast, which included warm and light-hearted speeches. With such friendship in the room, everyone was relaxed and laughing. Osama delivered a speech filled with humour for his friends and love for his new wife. Telling the Diana that she is ‘not just my wife but my best friend’. He also explained how meeting Diana was love at first sight and that their first date with her told him that; ‘you just know that you have met someone really special’.
After a delicious feast, guests filled the dancefloor, firstly to watch the traditional first dance and then making the most and celebrating this special day. All the while Osama and Diana could barely tear themselves away from each other, beaming with happiness, it was clear we were all in the presence of true love.

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