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17 Mar

Corporate video production

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Corporate video production – Vinci energies

The world of business can be a somewhat sporadic beast. One moment a business could be celebrating a large contract, the next it could be contending with changing trends in the modern world. As such, it’s important that employees work together in order to achieve the best end-result.
However, as a business grows larger, it makes sense that its operations would also spread. As such, it can be difficult to have all ambassadors under one roof with a view of the company’s actions moving forwards.
This is where business seminars play an integral part in the running of any business, as they not only allow a business to address its employees as a whole, but it also allows them to congratulate them on a job well done to date.
Of course, it can still be difficult to get everyone to the same location on one set day, but fortunately there is a solution. I do videography for a number of different sectors, and have noticed how the trend of filming seminars is quickly catching on, and for good reason.
A point in case is Vinci Energies, who held its seminar at the Heart of England venue based in Warwickshire. Holding the seminar allowed Vinci Energies to share its vision with a vast number of employees at the same time. A heavy emphasis was based on the mission statement of the business, who look to instil a number of solutions to its customers, in a number of different guises.
Vinci Energies is a company who that has built rapport with a number of different public authorities and private business companies. It looks to help its customers with the operation of their transport, telecommunications and building infrastructure.
The nature of the business means that a universal message had to be delivered by all ambassadors of the company. Not only was this done in real-time, but actually capturing the information on video means that the same message can be relayed throughout the company, meaning that nothing is misinterpreted.
It also means that employees who weren’t able to attend, are at the receiving end of any thanks the business has towards its employees.
Vinci Energies show just how a business should be operated, and that’s with passion, customer focus and a great deal of respect for its employees, and I wish them every success moving forwards.

Pleasure to work on the day with:
Photographer – Joe Bailey
Adam Abrahams – Votech – Audience response

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