Engagement film Cambridge – Jaz + Amz

A Modern Fairy Tale Romance.
Sometimes love grows slowly, like a seed that has been nurtured until it buds and blooms with heavenly fragranced blossoms. Other times it appears as if by magic. A couple meets and suddenly, whoosh! They’re head over heels. Even though they were both looking for a partner, the speed in which they feel in love took everyone other than Jaz and Amz by surprise however for them, falling in love felt like fate.
Their story started on the dating website Asian Single Solution. Despite Jaz living in Birmingham and Amz living in Norwich, the connection was undeniable and they agreed on Cambridge as an ideal compromise for a meeting place. Amz and Jaz wanted to share the magic of their first date with their wedding guests and we had a fantastic time recreating it in this engagement video. They visited the same places they went to on that fateful day back in 2014, and even wore the same outfits as they did when they met.
Strolling hand-in-hand around this ancient and beautiful city, Jaz and Amz relived their nerves and excitement, laughing as they reminisced about their meeting, and sharing their dreams for the future. Cambridge is a fantastically picturesque location for an engagement or wedding video shoot. Historic sites like Kings College, winding medieval streets, the majestic Cambridge River and punts, and a wealth of incredible cafes, bars, and restaurants made it the ideal choice for a first date. I am sure it will always hold a special place in Jaz’s and Amz’s hearts.
Despite their very modern way of meeting the couple are traditionalists at heart. Both knew they didn’t want to play games or waste time pretending this was anything other than true love so seven months after their winter Cambridge date Jaz popped the question over a romantic picnic at Warwick Castle, presenting Amz with a stunning purple heart-shaped engagement ring.
There is no better to draw your guests into your love story than with an engagement film. It visually reminds them of your journey from the beginning to the point where you are now, standing together and pledging your future to each other in front of those most important to you. An engagement video is something you will treasure whether you show it at your wedding, share it with your children, or simply keep private to enjoy from time to time. Contact me today to find out about booking an engagement video shoot.