The Wedding Films Of Rajiv and Devika

When you have met the love of your life, one wedding day to spend with them is never enough. This is why it was such a delight to be a part of the wedding of Rajiv and Devika, filming not just one wedding ceremony but two! Furthermore, I was able to capture two very different styles of wedding videography while still making sure the personality of this lovely couple continued to shine through.

Eyes meeting across a busy room

One of the best parts about being a wedding videographer is learning the backstory of the couple and finding out the story the leads to their wedding day. Thanks to the speeches during the wedding, the whole party were able to find out more about how the happy couple met. However, for Devika’s father, how the couple met was news to him!
According to the speeches at the wedding, Rajiv and Devika’s romance began like any good Bollywood film. Rajiv and Devika’s eyes met across a crowded lecture theatre during their first year at university. Devika claims that after meeting each other’s gaze, she knew that Rajiv was the one for her.
Later that year, Rajiv and Devika got chatting and shared their lecture notes, and their relationship blossomed from there. While they did meet in the first year, Devika’s dad was sure they met in the third year! Every good love story includes a white lie to their parents, doesn’t it?

The proposal

With their shared love of travel and food, the proposal was inevitable, and in a beautiful boutique hotel in Painswick, Rajiv asked Devika to marry him. In fact, the proposal was a key feature of the wedding day too, as their civil ceremony took place in Painswick Rococo Gardens, just five minutes away.

Wedding Day At Painswick Rococo Garden

As the wedding videographer for the civil ceremony in this beautiful location, it was important to capture the style of the wedding with the beauty of the gardens. Painswick Rococo Garden is the only surviving Rococo garden in the UK, which gives it a magical and unique charm. It was a delight to capture the stunning scenes and the ethereal romance of the civil ceremony.

The Wedding Day At Hagley Hall

The second wedding took place at the incredibly glamorous and beautiful Hagley Hall. This wedding venue was chosen by Rajiv and Devika because of their love of Italian architecture and landscaping. After dreaming of an Italian wedding, then realising the logistics were just too much for their guests. Hagley Hall provides all of the charms of Italian gardens, making it the perfect location for their wedding.
What made the wedding film for Hagley Hall even more special for me as the wedding cinematographer is that I already had the perfect song for the cinematography. The incredibly talented Shammipithia composed Rajiv and Devika their own song which serves as a beautiful and mesmerising accompaniment to their wedding film.
It was a joy to be a part of not one, but two wedding days for Devika and Rajiv and I hope they get to continue their shared love of travel and food for many years to come.



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