Hindu wedding cinematographer – Devonshire Dome – Natasha and Bhavin

I was honoured to be part of Natasha and Bhavin’s day, which provided more than enough material for a truly magical wedding video. The day began with preparations for the ceremony in the morning before moving on to the civil ceremony itself, where friends and family of the bride and groom greeted each other, excited by a traditional civil ceremony that looked to celebrate the love shared between Natasha and Bhavin.
The civil ceremony was held at the Devonshire Dome, a beautiful Grade II listed building built back in the 18th century in Derbyshire. It was also here where the couple would go on to have their Hindu wedding. The Indian culture sees marriage as a rite that enables two people to start their journey in life together. There are three essential values associated with a Hindu wedding, and that is happiness, harmony and growth.
Smiles were shared between Natsha and Bahavin throughout the day, while surrounded by family and friends who wore bright and bold colours associated with Indian tradition. While the day had already been an emotional one, this carried on to the couple’s reception, where the couple cut the cake and enjoyed their first dance as a married couple. A good time was had with friends and family, with a few tears of happiness shed as the night went on.
The wedding video captures just how much love people have for Natasha and Bhavin, as well as capturing how joyous Natasha and Bahvin are. The video can be enjoyed by the couple and the friends and family in years to come.
A Hindu wedding cinematography makes an ideal keepsake, or a present for loved ones who weren’t able to make it on the day. It also helps keep memories vibrant as a wedding videographer not only captures the beauty of the day, aesthetically, but it helps preserve the memories held on the special day.

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