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19 Apr

Honda king of the hell takes on the track

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Honda king of the hell takes on the track

My role as a videographer sees me documenting a number of different events, but very few induce the adrenaline rush like the shooting of a high-performance vehicle being put through its paces.
Muorali Selvarajah had beaten other opponents during a competition that promised the winner with the best stats the use of a Honda Type R for a year. However, Selvarajah’s impressive numbers were racked up on a driving simulator, and had to show his metal on the tracks of Donington Park in the Type R itself.
Holding much anticipation for the day, Selvarajah was greeted by 2015 British Touring Car Champion, Gordon Sheddon, as well as the Honda team and the Civic R Owners Club before being put through his paces.
Before trying to match his simulator score on the track, Selvarajah was given some tips by Sheddon, much to the delight of Selvarajah who aspires to be a professional racing-car driver. This could be well on the cards given some noteworthy driving skills and some truly impressive lap times.
The day was a mix of adrenaline and emotion as a young driver got to take his first steps towards becoming a professional racing-car driver, as well as being the proud owner of a Honda Type R for the next 12 months.
To really get a sense of the emotional and excitement felt on the day, I had to shoot everything, not just the drive itself. As such I was introduced to a number of people who not only provided those in attendance with an enjoyable and memorable day, but also helped aide the dreams of an avid follower of motor sports.
It was massive pleasure to work as a freelancer for my friend Monty on the day and I must say he did a great job on editing. Please visit his website to find more sport cars: the branding studio
I thank Honda for the welcome, my friend Monty for the introduction and Muorali himself for display some truly amazing skills. I have high hopes for Selvarajah moving forward, and wish him all the best moving forward, especially given his new mode of transport for the next year.
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