My role as a filmmaker allows me to absorb a great deal of culture from a number of inspired creative artists. I recently had the pleasure of shooting a video to promote the work of artist D.O.M., a Polish artist living in Scotland who concentrates on the physicality and complexity of women.
The latest exhibition from D.O.M. is ICONIC, where she looks to strike a chord with art lovers, forcing them to stop and absorb the image before them.
The video I shot for D.O.M. really takes this idea to the next level, and not only allowed me to capture the workings of D.O.M. and the processes she goes through to creating an alluring piece of art, but also the art that merely exists in her mind.
Her way with words are as seducing as her artwork, and she portrays women in a number of different roles, something that occurs daily, but many are very passive of. We see a number of icons in our daily lives, but not many take on the vast number of roles that women do, including mother, wife, businesswoman and friend.
The video is a great companion piece to her latest ICONIC exhibition, as it truly portrays the message behind the exhibition, and make the right kind of impact in an alluring aesthetic way.
Shooting the video allowed me to join D.O.M. as she looks to create an exhibition that looks to present women that’s not always recognised in everyday life. D.O.M. has strong ideas that manifest into wonderful pieces of art with an emotional undertone of recognition.
I aimed to deliver the same tone with my video, and wish D.O.M. every piece of success moving forward.

Please visit D.O.M. website: www.domart.co.uk

Watch interview with D.O.M.