Indian engagement video – Krupali’s and Nish’s

I recently had the privilege of being part of Krupali’s and Nish’s special day that was held in The May Fair hotel London. The day began with an Indian engagement ceremony, which is a tradition that takes place between the two families as well as the bride-to-be and groom. The engagement ceremony also allows the couple to exchange rings.
The wedding videographer shows the union being made between two families, each of them as welcoming as the other. The joy can be seen upon the faces of Krupali and Nish, as well as their friends and family. Following the engagement was the couple’s civil ceremony, which saw the two exchange their vows and commit to spending the rest of their lives together.
It is evident within the video how special the day was to both Krupali and Nish. They look genuinely happy together and have an energy that can light up any room. This atmosphere was shared by all on the day as everyone was keen to celebrate the beautiful partnership of Krupali and Nish.
As soon as the couple were confirmed as one, tears of joy were spread across the room. The union evidently had the same impact on friends and family, as it did on the couple themselves. The atmosphere carried on in the day, giving the two families plenty of opportunity to get to know each other even more.
The video shows how traditional and well organised such a ceremony is, and as such, is simply a joy to watch again and again. Although photographs will always allow you to enjoy your memories, videos can help evoke the same emotions that were present on that very day.
Whether it’s the couple who enjoy the video, or a proud mother, a video showing the engagement ceremony and civil ceremony can help you relive enjoyable moments, as well as being introduced to some you may not have been aware of the first time round.