The story of Jaineesha and Bhavin – a whirlwind romance

Jaineesha and Bhavin got married in August few years back on a beautiful sunny day but I did not have a pleasure to be their wedding videographer. I filmed and edited Jaineesha’s sister wedding last year and Jaineesha must have liked our style as she asked us to edit her Wedding too. It is challenging to work with the footage taken by different videographer but at the same time a great opportunity to look at the images with a new set of eyes and edit it with the fresh perspective. Enough about that, lets listen to Jaineesha and Bhavin story.

When we asked Jaineesha how they met she replied “it’s complicated”. It is said that life is a complex and unpredictable journey but what is important love always finds its way. Jaineesha and Bhavin’s path have crossed many times, and yet it took many years for them to start traveling together. “We’ve known of each other since we’ve been 7 years old but never spoke. We meet regularly at our place of worship but we were just two people in the similar settings. Then we both went of to different universities. Bhavin moved back to Birmingham and we met again in 2010 at my 21st birthday party. We started texting each other and somewhere along the lines I started to develop feeling for Bhavin” shared Jaineesha. Not long after Jaineesha and Bhavin decided to get to know each other better and in June 2010 went on their first date. “We went to Nandos and it was a first time we ever spoke face to face alone” added Bhavin. This meeting definitely was a significant milestone and their relationship blossomed as they shared it with their nearest and dearest. “We told our parents the next day as they knew each other and in September he proposed” Jaineesha said. How amazing is that!

With he blessing from both set of parents Bhavin proposed to Jaineesha at her family home. He planned everything to the last detail engaging Jaineesha’s sisters to help him to make the proposal as lovely as possible. “We were out for our normal Thursday date night. I went to pick him up and we went to town to have pie. The plan was to go back to my parents (it was around 9pm). I had forgot my keys so rang the doorbell and no one opened up. Bhav was looking for my keys in the car, then one of my sisters posted the key through the door” said Jaineesha. We wonder whether Jaineesha suspected what will happen next. “Once I opened the door the house was dark, there was a path of candles leading into the front room. The front room floor was covered with candles and there were flowers and the ring. He proposed in my house whilst my family hid upstairs my sisters were his assistants as they set everything up”. Of course Jaineesha said “yes” and the lovely adventure leading to the new chapter in their life has began.

Jaineesha and Bhavin are such an amazing couple. Absolutely beautiful inside and outside, humble and warm. We asked them what they love about each other. “Jainee is brave and ambitious, she’s funny and makes me laugh, very beautiful, we can have silly conversations but also very in-depth conversations, makes great food” said Bhavin. “What I love about Bhav – his singing voice, his patience, how his eyes are when he smiles, musically talented, loving and affectionate” shared Jaineesha.

Jaineesha and Bhavin it was a great pleasure to edit your wedding video. We hope that its new look will let you be transported back to the best day of your life and relive all the emotions that came with it.

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