Manor of Groves Hindu wedding film – Ashley and Alisha

Occasionally, I will work at a wedding that is outside of my normal location. As a wedding videographer based in Northampton this is where I spend most of my time, though I recently had the opportunity to travel a little further down to Hertfordshire.
This was an enjoyable experience and I appreciated having the opportunity to work with a couple who had a slightly different history to most. In fact, it is these types of stories that make my job as a cinematographer so great as I enjoy meeting couples, getting to know them and creating a wedding film that meets all of their needs.
A Hindu Wedding at Manor of Groves!
The couple for this wedding where Alisha and Ashley, who had previously spent a year and a half living in Japan, and before moving there they had a civil ceremony. But, now back in the UK, the couple decided it was time to have the Hindu wedding they always wanted.
Manor of Groves is a large hotel located in the idyllic Hertfordshire countryside and it’s a beautiful wedding venue, so it’s no surprise it’s a popular choice for couples far and wide. Based in Sawbridgeworth, Manor of Groves boasts large events rooms, beautiful interiors and a great range of facilities. So, it’s easy to see why a couple would choose to spend their entire wedding in the one location.
On the first day of the wedding there was a Hindu ceremony. This was awash with colour, tradition and romance; something I thoroughly enjoyed filming and the stunning backdrops at Manor of Groves made the entire process extremely easy. I didn’t struggle to find gorgeous sights and great lighting, that’s for sure. The next day is when the couple had their wedding reception; this was also held at Manor of Groves. The wedding reception was everything you would hope it to be and it was a pleasant day for all, me included.
I have provided cinematography services for a number of different types of weddings, but Hindu weddings remain to be some of my favourite.

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