The Wedding Film Of Meeta and Michael

While love is universal, there was perhaps no wedding more global than the wedding of Meeta and Michael. While the wedding was held in Birmingham, their lives stretched across the globe and brought people from all four corners of the world together to celebrate the love, happiness and marriage. The bride Meeta is from the UK and the groom, Michael, is from Germany. However, their stars aligned and they met while travelling in Australia. It is amazing how love can completely change your plans and give you a brand new path that you would have never expected. For Michael, he planned to stay travelling his whole life and be a permanent backpacker, until he met Meeta and everything changed. As Michael and Meeta’s relationship progressed, it was soon time to organise the wedding. It was decided that the wedding would take place in the UK while they would spend the beginning of the
marriage living in Australia.
“You’re my everything, my best friend, my confidante, my travel buddy, adventure partner, my family away from family, my shoulder to cry on and my pillow of support.” – Meeta
As the wedding cinematographer for the wedding of Meeta and Michael, one of the stand-out moments of their wedding was capturing the heartfelt personalised vows that both Meeta and Michael gave.
“You’re the one, from day one.” – Michael
The wedding celebrations began with a Hindu wedding ceremony in the UK which was a chance for Michael to embrace the family, culture and traditions of Meeta’s life and it was a beautiful sight to see love, culture and values coming together with acceptance and joy at their union. After the wedding ceremony, it was time to celebrate with the friends and family who had travelled from all over the world for this very special occasion. While the room was packed full of smiling, happy guests, it was clear that Meeta and Michael only had eyes for each other.
“I’m more than excited for our future together, whatever it may present, it doesn’t really matter to me, just as long as we have each other” – Meeta
With their first dance with everyone watching, filming and taking photographs, the couple couldn’t stop smiling, laughing and being entwined in each other like they were the only ones in the room. As a wedding cinematographer, it was a joy to see this happiness, love and total adoration of each other as a newlywed couple.
“I love you in so many ways and for so many reasons.” – Michael
After the first dance, it was time to party. The band played, and all of the guests hit the dancefloor to dance, laugh, sing and celebrate the beginning of Michael and Meeta’s married life together. It was so nice to film a wedding that was bursting with romance and happiness and that shows that any challenge can be overcome for love.

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