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06 May

Muslim wedding cinematography Bolton

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Muslim wedding cinematography Bolton – Tasneem and Safvaan

It was a beautiful day in Bolton. The morning sunrays reflect against house roofs, the greenery of the surrounding gardens all add to the joys of this morning. Today is a special day for Tasneem and Safvaan. This is the day when they say yes before their families and two automatically become one. The wedding that lasted for four days took place at the Mere Golf Resort and Spa.
The four phases that made up the ceremony are common in Muslim weddings. This includes ceremonies for Mehndi, Haldi, Rukhsati and Walima. The haldi ceremony is like an ancient spa ritual only it is the friends and family of the couple who will shower them with love and pour turmeric mixtures on their bodies for good luck. The mendhi ceremony is a beautiful ceremony where the bride to be and her friends paint beautiful designs on the hands and feet of the ladies. The bride is the center of attraction at this ceremony. This ceremony is held before the wedding ceremony proper and in some traditions, the bride is not allowed to step out after this ceremony until the wedding proper. All of this is filled with pomp and pageantry and a muslim wedding cinematographer Bolton was present to film every move.
The wedding day itself was a show of bright colours and elegant dressed guest. The bride was all beautiful in her wedding dress and the groom stood tall and proud waiting for his beloved. It was a true show of what a muslim wedding is all about and then came the emotional Rukhsati when the groom has to take his bride away accompanied by his family. Even the joys of the entire ceremony were not enough to get the bride’s family emotional. All of these priceless photos were caught on video.
Just like in the spirit of a true muslim wedding, the walima was organised by the grooms parents and family. They were now ready to welcome their wife into their family and they were happy to tell the world about it. It was a memorable four days with a lot of eating and joy.

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Snapshots from Tasneem and Safvaan wedding

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