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11 Jun
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Muslim wedding film London Hilton – Hajira and Paul

It was a lovely day at Hilton London Paddington where wedding of Paul and Haji took place amidst the guests from both bride and groom’s side. Starting from the entrance to the venue till the canapés, I shot everything with great enthusiasm as the entire ambiance was stunning.
In my very first meeting with Paul and Haji, I understood that both of them are quite specific about their wedding film. Since it was a Muslim wedding, I was supposed to take all authentic shots of all the traditions they follow in their wedding. I prepared myself with all my cinematography equipment and reached the venue well on time.
It was one day event so I thought to shot almost every moment of the wedding to make the film look striking. Although every moment was great in this Muslim wedding, my favourite shots were from canapés served amazingly for the guests. I took lot of pictures from the food table and you can see how magnificent the food is looking.
It was 17:00 hours when guests arrived for the wedding and I started capturing expressions on everybody’s face. Indeed they all were looking astonished to see the beautiful decoration with exotic flowers at the stage and as the table centrepieces. You can clearly see the table shots in the video, which I’ve taken before the guests arrived. Everything was perfectly arranged at the place.
From arrival of groom in the hall at around 18:00 hours and arrival of bride just after 15 minutes of groom’s entry till the Nikah ceremony, I captured every detail in this wedding film. Finally, when the dinner was served at around 19:00 hours, I again jumped near the dinner tables to enhance my cinematography with some fantastic shots of food and especially desserts.
The other highlights of the wedding were the speeches given by the bride’s best friend Dhupal and groom’s best friend Grahaem. However, the main focus was the groom’s speech given after dinner. That was quite emotional and romantic as well.
In the video, I especially included bride’s exceptional shots with her family members who have all praises for their beautiful princess Haji.
The wedding video concluded with the carriages that escorted the bride-groom and other wedding members to their destination.
I love the way Muslim wedding cinematography turns out because the authentic look of the venue and the traditions make the entire film really interesting.

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  1. www.cherryontopstudio.com June 22, 2015 3:56 pm

    Lovely venue and you captured the atmosphere so well Rob :))