Muslim wedding The Lakeside Suite Leicester – Yasin & Amba

Although wedding videographer is my profession, there is nothing more pleasurable to film than the pairing of a couple who are evidently made to be together, and this was certainly the case with Yasin and Amba, who were nothing short of mesmerising throughout the day.
The day began with preparations for the wedding and the applying of makeup, before the couple made their union official with a Muslim wedding. A vast number of traditions were intertwined with bold décor and beautiful centrepieces, which were partnered with a beautiful venue in The Lakeside Suite, a picturesque function suite situated in the Leicestershire countryside. The venue complimented the décor and helped create one of the most beautiful wedding videos to date.
,Yasin and Amba’s wedding was nothing short of spectacular when undertaking the filming, whether it was the bursts of colour throughout the venue, or the stylish attire the beautiful couple wore to get wed, everything shot was captured perfectly.
A great number of friends and family were in attendance, showing how much the couple mean to friends and family as well as each other. Friends and family also paid tribute to the couple with a series of speeches, both humorous and heartfelt, which reinforced just how well thought of this wonderful couple are.
The celebrations that followed saw everyone in attendance having a brilliant time. There was a lot of dancing and laughter, which was followed by a beautiful fireworks display, which complimented the day perfectly.
Wedding cinematography is made that much easier by couples such as Yasin and Amba, as they require very little direction. A couple who are obviously in love while surrounded by their friends and family helps create the perfect wedding video, which can then be kept as a keepsake or given as a gift to those who couldn’t make the original ceremony.
Having the perfect wedding video allows any couple to relive the magical moment over and over again, and thanks to Yasin and Amba and their many friends and family, their wedding is one that will be remembered by many for years to come.