National Conference Centre wedding film Solihull – Ajay & Sonia

Ajay and Sonia’s wedding was an amazing few days event filled with love, laughter and a lot of positive energy. It was a great pleasure to provide the wedding videography services not only for the Hindu wedding day but also for Ajay and Sonia‚Äôs pre-wedding ceremonies.
Firstly we have filmed Maiya, a lively and cheerful ceremony where the respective families of the bride and groom coat their arms, legs, and face with a turmeric paste. It was great to filming the emotions and significance of this tradition.
The Jago ceremony was filled with festive dance, positive energy, and great celebration. Jago means “Wake up” and is designed to get the bride, groom, family and friends into the right mood for their wedding day.
After the ceremony, we made great use of the beautiful gardens at the Golf Club as a backdrop for the outdoor wedding video and photographs. The weather was fantastic and we all had a great fun.
In the evening the couple made their way into a beautifully decorated ballroom were family and friends greeted them with laud cheering. A celebration continued with speeches, laughter and a lot of dancing. It was a fantastic start to what I hope will be many happy years for the newlyweds.

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