Nepalese Hindu wedding Froyle Park – Numa and Rajat

I was honoured to be able to attend the Nepalese Hindu wedding and civil ceremony that celebrated the union between Rajat and Numa. The union took place on 4th July, which is very apt as Rajat is American. Rajat’s showed how patriotic he was by wearing cufflinks bearing the American flag.
The day began with preparations, allowing the couple to embrace the day ahead of them and spend some quality time with loved ones. As a wedding videographer, it is vital that the day is captured on a number of different levels. Of course, there are the aesthetics to capture, but a wedding cinematographer also has to be able to catch the emotion that was felt on the day.
Fortunately, both of these instances were covered as Rajat and Numa are such a wonderful couple to capture. Not only were both smiling throughout the day, but their love for each other really shines through, making the video a true embodiment of how much the couple mean to each other.
The day was filled with bold, vibrant colours as well as laughter and tears of joy as Rajat and Numa made their union official, the moment when the ring is placed on Numa’s finger really does tug at the heart strings.
The civil ceremony and wedding both took place at Froyle Park, as did the reception. Froyle Park is Jacobean manor that dates back as far as 1620 and makes for an ideal setting for two people to really showcase their love for each other.
As well as having access to a beautiful manor, guests were also treated to Numa’s artistic side, as all decorations were created by Numa herself. Not only did this add a personal touch to the big day, but it also showed how committed Numa was to making the day a success.
Raja and Numa really did deliver an emotional and magical union, and there is no doubt that the two will share many happy times and create some truly wonderful memories together.

Pleasure to cooperate on the day with:

Photography – Soven