Oshwal Centre and Millennium Gloucester Hotel Tamil wedding – Ramanan and Aneeta

As we all know, love should be celebrated as often as possible, which is why it was such a delight to be the cinematographer for Ramanan and Aneeta, for not one, but two wedding ceremonies. The happy couple celebrated their love and marriage with a Tamil wedding held at the Oshwal Centre and then held a civil ceremony and reception at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel, in Kensington, London.
Creating the wedding film for Ramanan and Aneeta was really enjoyable but a challenge too. There were so many intricate details and elements to the wedding that it was a fun and exciting challenge to try and capture every single one.
Wedding day one: Oshwal Centre
The first wedding location was the Oshwal Centre, which is a beautifully designed temple set in magnificent and tranquil landscaped gardens offering a beautiful setting for the wedding and the wedding video. While having many traditional elements, the Oshwal centre also caters for everyone with modern features too.
Arriving in stylish and exquisite Rolls Royce vehicles, the couple certainly made an entrance for the ceremony, and the backdrop of this extraordinary location certainly set the tone for the wonderful wedding to come.
It was this part of the marriage ceremony which was very traditional and an honour to be the cinematographer for. There were so many intricate details and aspects which helped to symbolise the love that Ram and Aneeta share, such as the walk around the holy fire, while the happy couple is blessed by both sets of parents.
From the dresses to the exquisite flowers to the glimmering jewellery, there wasn’t an aspect that wasn’t stunning designed and beautifully thought out. Red and gold were the prominent colour themes that symbol both purity and sensuality and are key colours for Tamil weddings.
What added to the atmosphere of the wedding was the beautiful music that filled the room from the many musicians brought together. It was truly a moving tradition ceremony filled with love and enhanced by the family and friends that joined the celebrations.
Wedding day two: Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London Kensington
Ram and Aneeta were lucky to have two beautiful weddings both set in incredible venues. At the high-end Millennium Gloucester Hotel, the couple celebrated their civil ceremony, again complete with beautiful outfits and floral arrangements, the shimmer of sequins and jewels filled the room with a mesmerising glow which makes wedding cinematography a joy.
The ceremony was filled with laughter, smiles and genuine happiness, with Ram and Aneeta excited to be making this journey as husband and wife together. After the ceremony and the couple said ‘I do’, the reception began with heartfelt speeches from family and friends.
One of the most touching moments was when the parents of the couple said; “Nothing else brings more happiness to us than this occasion. You’ve made us all very proud.” It couldn’t have been said better as every family member was beaming with pride and happiness throughout the whole event.
After the heart-warming speeches, fun and laughter ensued with a romantic first dance as well as a professional dance performance, the wedding guests were also entertained by musicians and even a caricaturist. It truly was a great day to be part of and a pleasure to create a wedding film that will serve as a beautiful reminder for the rest of their married life.