Oshwal centre wedding – Situl and Nupur

The Wedding Of Nupur And Situl

“Marriage is a touching of hearts, a blending of souls, a sacred promise and understanding in the name of love.”
At the Oshwal Centre in Northaw, the Hindu wedding bells were certainly ringing for the marriage between Nupur and Situl. I was honoured to be entrusted with the responsibility of creating their stunning wedding film to capture all of the best moments of their big day as a wedding cinematographer. With beautifully bright blue skies and the stunning location of the Oshwal Centre, it was indeed a day to remember. For me, it was great to be back at the Oshwal Centre, after previously filming another couple (Ram and Aneeta) getting married here last year.

The beginning

The groom arrived to the sound and sights of drummers, music, singing and dancing as he made his way to the wedding ceremony. The vibrant party atmosphere was infectious as I tried to capture all of the emotion, happiness and excitement of the big day. As a wedding videographer, it was a pleasure to film the big crowd of well-wishers that were singing and dancing and looking forward to the wedding ceremony and future life for the happy couple.
While the groom was receiving a warm reception as he arrived at the Oshwal Centre, the bride was being supported by her friends and family when getting ready. As the bride was looking resplendent in her red and cream wedding gown, she was helped into an assortment of jewellery and bangles to ensure she sparkled every time she caught the light. When everything was in place, and the bride was ready, it was time to travel through the beautiful countryside to the wedding venue.

The ceremony

Both the bride and groom looked stunning in their beautifully embellished outfits with the perfect matching of colours in both of their outfits to symbolise these two people are becoming one with their marriage. The wedding rituals involved the whole wedding party, with everyone joining in to bless the union and ensure all wedding traditions and rituals were harmoniously followed.
It was a pleasure to capture all of these fascinating traditions and customs that comprised their wonderful wedding ceremony.

After the ceremony

The vibrant and energetic atmosphere from the morning continued all through the day. After the ceremony, friends and families gather to chat and rejoice in the party atmosphere. While the bride and groom, now husband and wife, explored the stunning grounds of the Oshwal Centre to take photographs and enjoy the precious first moments of married life.
The perfect wedding cinematography is to capture the couple’s love while they were unaware. As they walked around the grounds, making the most of the sunshine and chatting away, it was a pleasure to film the lucky couple who had such a strong friendship as well as being entirely in love.
As the groom twirled the bride while dancing in the grounds, her dress and jewellery captured the light for a mesmerising view. Afterwards, it was time to celebrate with family and loved ones by cutting their gorgeous many-tiered cake and making the most of their fantastic wedding day.

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