From China to London couple shoot – Tongzhou and Sophia

Engagement film of Tongzhou and Sophia

With a love of Europe, there was no better trip for Sophia and Tongzhou that a whirlwind trip to the UK and Switzerland. Furthermore, Tongzhou had a surprise ahead for Sophia when he got down on one knee and proposed to Sophia as soon as they arrived in London!
To celebrate their engagement and prepare for their wedding, I was delighted to be chosen as the pre-wedding cinematographer. The idea behind the film was to capture the love and excitement of the couple in iconic London locations. The happy couple could then share their London wedding film with their friends and family at their wedding taking place in China.

The London Trip

Tongzhou knew the UK well, having lived in London and Birmingham while studying at university. Sophia has never been to the UK before but loved the culture, so Tongzhou planned the perfect itinerary so she could see all the sights and experience the best things that the UK has to offer. During the pre-wedding film, we made sure that all of the iconic views and aspects that make up London were the perfect backdrop for the celebration.
With Tongzhou dressed in a sharp suit and Sophia looking beautiful in a red floral dress and red heels to symbolise luck and happiness, the couple made their way around the city celebrating, laughing and dancing together. As the cinematographer, they made it easy to capture the love and happiness they share in advance of their upcoming wedding.
Fortunately, the London weather was kind, and I could film some fantastic scenes of Sophia and Tongzhou in the sun-dappled surroundings. Walking through the London streets, we ventured to Jubilee Market in Covent Garden to watch over the market. It was clear Sophia and Tongzhou were having a great time in London as they laughed and ran through the market, teasing each other.
The next part of the wedding film had to include the iconic British monuments; the traditional red telephone boxes while love was certainly in the air as the couple danced, embraced and held hands throughout the entire trip.

The Wedding Film

The wedding film then moves to the River Thames where Sophia gave an exclusive wedding preview, wearing her wedding dress to take some stunning wedding photographs and to make the pre-wedding video the perfect film to treasure and always remember the special time.
Watching the boats go past and with St Paul’s Cathedral in the background made for beautiful sunny shots and a truly unique wedding film that perfectly summed up the couple. The sunlight danced on the water creating a sparkling backdrop despite all eyes being on the couple and their beautiful wedding outfits.
It was wonderful to get to know the happy couple on their trip to London and capture the joy and excitement in the run-up to their upcoming wedding. Their smiles were infectious, and it was easy to capture happy moments that summed up their love, it was harder to edit the film with so many special memories filmed! I hope their friends and family love their wedding film as much as I enjoying filming it!

Pleasure to work with photographer Marek on this shoot.

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