Very occasionally and if you are lucky someone special walks into your life. This person not only touches your heart, but also your soul. Vanisa and Bhavesh met a few years ago at Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth I College. “The first thing he ever said to me outside the entrance was:  ‘You have nice eyes you know’ where I nervously said thank you and walked off really fast”, shared Vanisa.  This simple yet romantic sentence marked the beginning of Bhavesh and Vanisa’s love story as it did not take long for them to realise that they had found someone special. “Vanisa is full of life; she brings energy to her funny and caring personality. She’s my best friend who I’ve been lucky enough to be able to grow up with and now call my wife”, said Bhavesh. “Bhavesh is so loving, funny and selfless who puts everyone before himself. He is thoughtful, considerate and humble. He is motivated, hardworking and sensible and he knows me better than I know myself! He takes care of me every single day and treats me like an absolute queen”, shared Vanisa.

Both Vanisa and Bhavesh love to travel and explore new places. So it does not come as a surprise that Bhavesh proposed in Santorini. “It was magical. He gave me a card from his clients and said they had gifted us a few nights away there which was totally believable (I spoke to them etc.). He proposed in the most beautiful setting in Thera, Greece at a wedding venue called Dana Villas. All the staff were fully on board and he had been planning it for a year from start to finish”, shared Vanisa.

For Vanisa and Bhavesh, marriage is a lifelong commitment and an important promise to one another. It marks the beginning of a very special journey, togetherness and the unity of two souls. Love is experiencing life with your soul mate, being able to be your true self and knowing everything you do for each other is unconditional.


Vanisa and Bhavesh got married at Winstanley House located just outside of Leicester. This Georgian house nestled amongst lush parkland created a beautiful backdrop for their wedding. Vanisa and Bhavesh’s Big Day was an amazing event full of laughter, happiness and fun. “I remember everything!! A feeling of accomplishment. Mostly feeling so much love and happiness! I remember watching the jaan arrival from the bridal suite and seeing my groom in the Mandap for the very first time. Our first dance and the best reception party ever!!!!!!!!!!!!”, said Vanisa. “I remember the day as being full of happiness, never ending smiles and surrounded by our closest family and friends. Last but not least watching my wife walk down the aisle”, shared Bhavesh.

Dear Vanisa and Bhavesh thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your beautiful day. It was a great pleasure to be a hindu Leicestershire wedding videographer.


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