West Wycombe Park wedding video – Tom and Teesta

Stunning Wedding venue – West Wycombe Park

This amazing venue built between 1740 and 1800 near the village of West Wycombe in Buckinghamshire is one of our favourite places to video a Wedding. With it’s breathtaking architecture and picturesque spots it’s ideal for an artistic wedding videography but what is more important it is a very special place for Tom and Teesta: “On one of our first dates, Tom mentioned his favourite author was Oscar Wilde. I mentioned one of my favourite films was The Importance of Being Earnest (written by Oscar Wilde) and for our first Valentines day we watched it together (still both pretending to be so cultural and well read!!). When it came to visiting wedding venues, we walked into West Wycombe Park and something about it felt nostalgic and familiar. It was only after seeing the tree in the grounds that we realised it was the principal filming location for The Importance of Being Earnest. We therefore knew it HAD to be the place for us to get married in. It will always hold such a special place in our hearts”

A beautiful story of Tom and Teesta

Each Wedding makes me realise again and again how blessed we are to be Wedding videographer. It truly is a great pleasure to be a part of a Big Day and to see two people in love deciding to spend their lives together. What we also love a lot is to listen to the story of how it all started: “We met through our first place of work, briefly at the induction. But then further down the line we met again at a social and Teesta needed a lift to work and I had a car…we travelled to work together from that day on, realised how well we both got on together, and the rest they say is history”. Tom also told us all about their engagement: “Teesta was down in London for her school ten year reunion. I was due to attend a family event near Manchester. As we were aprt I thought that this would be the perfect time to surprise her. Having previously asked Rajiv (Teesta’s dad), I arranged for her father to take Teesta and the family out for a Sunday lunch; this is not something Rajiv would normally do, so I am surprised Teesta did not twig at this point. Whilst they were at the meal, I decorated her bedroom. I knew this would be important to Teesta because she would be surrounded by family (especially as her Grandma was over from India), and I knew she would want to celebrate with them. I had made a cartoon book of our most treasured memories together so far, which was waiting for Teesta on the doorstep when she arrived home. Nobody other than Rajiv knew what was going on. After she read the book, at the end, it told her to come upstairs where I was waiting surrounded by candles, champagne and several stuffed toy killer whales! Thankfully she said yes!! We then face timed my family and only realised then that it was my grandparents wedding anniversary which made it even more special! After, I had arranged for some of Teesta’s closest friends to come around and celebrate with us! It was amazing!”

Why we fall in love with each other?

Some might say they fell in love because they felt a unique connection with another person while others might say they felt truly comfortable being with a specific person. There are million reasons why we might love someone. Tom and Tessta revealed some of them:

Tom: “Teesta is the most fun person to be around. Always the life and soul of any party, as the sayings goes…’first one on the dance floor and last one off it’. Everybody loves to hang out with her, it’s just that I am the lucky one who gets to do it most! She is the most generous hearted person too, always thinking about everybody else…’what would they like for the birthday? Shall we throw them a surprise party? Lets take them away!’. But whilst making us all laugh and smile, Teesta also manages to be the MOST hard working person I know. Always thinking of the next thing that she can do to move forward and make a difference. She is always that step ahead, but its the greatest feeling to at least try and keep up.”

Teesta: “He has the biggest heart and exudes the most kindness and tolerance to every person he meets, he is (annoyingly) so good and has such a strong moral compass that I know any advice he gives me will always be sound and definitely the right thing to do, he is dependable and selfless and can be relied upon in every situation and has always championed me in every aspect of my life, he makes me the best possible version of myself and I am the most happiest when I am with him. At times I have wondered if moving to Manchester was the right decision but all I have to do is look at Tom and the amazing life we’ve built together to realise it was not just right but the best decision possible to have the most incredible and inspiring husband like him.”

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