Rak and Resh wedding

Rak and Resh had a traditional Hindu wedding ceremony, with many traditional practices which signify the importance of the event. There was a traditional exchange of flower garlands, which historically sealed the marriage. Rak and Resh also completed the mangal fera where the couple walk around the holy fire together, exchanging their vows of love, duty, respect and fidelity. During each symbolic part of their wedding ceremony the smiles never left their faces and it was a pleasure to watch them together.

After the ceremony Rak and Resh celebrated with their loved ones with dinner and dancing. The happy couple completed other traditional wedding aspects like cutting the cake and enjoying their first dance as a married couple. The romance was truly in the air, and you could see how in love they are.
Rak and Resh thank you for choosing me as your wedding videographer, it was a great pleasure to film your wedding. I wish a wonderful marriage together.