The Enchanting Wedding Of Pavan and Tarmeet

“Falling in love is a thing that strikes like lightning…”
Working as a wedding cinematographer means that you get the see what matters most to a couple. I was delighted to be chosen to create a wedding film for the wonderful couple Pavan and Tarmeet where family, love and friendship took centre stage at their wedding.
The wedding cinematography began at the family homes of the bride, Pavan and groom, Tarmeet where wedding preparations were underway. I enjoy filming the wedding preparations as you can experience the excitement, nerves and boundless energy, and I work hard to capture this feeling on film. From the family homes, it was time for the bride and groom to make their way to the Sikh wedding ceremony at Ramgarhia Sikh Temple in Birmingham.
Both the bride and groom certainly arrived in style with Pavan being whisked to the ceremony in an incredible horse-drawn carriage while the groom Tarmeet had a sophisticated ride to the ceremony in a stunning Bentley wedding car.
As the groom arrived, the wedding car was led to the ceremony by a troop of Bhangra drummers who lead the procession with plenty of music and joy. The rest of the groom’s family and friends followed suit, bringing a really fun and jovial atmosphere in the build-up to the wedding.
With a focus on traditional values, both the family of the bride and groom coming together to exchange garlands and to unite both families as one family thanks to the wedding of Pavan and Tarmeet.

The Sikh Wedding Ceremony of Pavan and Tarmeet

“The moment that you enter into any kind of human undertaking in a relationship, what an act of faith. See, you’ve given yourself up. But this is the most powerful thing that can be done: surrender. See. And love is an act of surrender to another person. Total abandonment. I give myself to you. Take me. Do anything you like with me.” – Alan Watts
As the guests began to file into the Gurdwara for the wedding ceremony, it was clear how much of a celebration the wedding of Pavan and Tarmeet was to the wider community. There was a huge gathering of wedding guests wanting to witness the ceremony, which was full of emotion and love.
It was a delight to film the many special traditions of the wedding ceremony and the emotions shared by everyone. Love was high, and tears of joy were brimming too. It was a really special ceremony to witness.
Following the wedding ceremony, guests descended onto Ramada Park Hall, which is a stunning stately home-style venue surrounded by the countryside. The setting was beautifully decorated with an exquisite style to match the wedding itself. There were stunning collections of red roses on the tables giving a really romantic flair to the wedding reception.
As the bride and groom had their first dance under a shower of confetti, the dancefloor was full of celebrating guests making is a night to remember.
Working as a wedding cinematographer is much like being a part of a wider family, as paths regularly cross and it is fantastic to be part of a wedding community, focused on making big days as brilliant as possible. I was thankful to the incredibly talented photographer, Sunny Marwaha from Photo Walla who recommended me for this wonderful wedding with such a fantastic couple.

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