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17 Aug

Real estate video

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Real estate video production

Dunedin Homes have recently acquired the site on St Annes Road, Willenhall for the purpose of creating 55 new homes that contain between two and six bedrooms. The real estate development gives buyers the chance to experience rural living within an urban environment thanks to its sophisticated design and attention to detail.
As well as creating beautiful properties that are aesthetically pleasing from the outside, Dunedin Homes have also created a living space that not only brings comfort to the forefront of everyday living, but is also able to bring comfort to those faced with the elements. The open French doors can be easily opened during the hot summer months to allow a cool breeze to flow through the property, while still being able to offer a robust defence against the bitter winter season.
The living spaces are welcoming and allow a family to recuperate in comfort, mainly due to the interior design of the property. The properties come complete with a number of additional extras, such as the option of having furniture tailor-made to your specifications, such as the furniture seen in the showcase video. Whether you’re looking for something similar or you’re looking for something completely different, PR Furniture Solutions are able to create bespoke furniture that will add charm to any property.
To truly capture the magical atmosphere and the beautiful creativity of the properties, PR Furniture Solutions employed the services of Kubicki.me, a professional videographer and photographer who operates in a number of locations across the United Kingdom. The video shows the property in a way that standard photos can’t. Not only are you able to see how elegant and sophisticated the property is, you can feel it. A clear outline of what’s included in the property together with a narrated overview really helps the viewer truly digest just how magnificent the properties really are.
Dunedin Homes understand that in order for customers to truly appreciate the true value of its properties, it has to show them in a way that is not only easy to understand, but not too time consuming for the viewer. Working alongside Kubicki.me allowed Dunedin Homes convey a lot of information within a short period of time, without leaving the viewer bewildered. As such, the final video allows viewers to view the property in its entirety while acknowledging the additional extras.
Visitors prefer to view videos as it gives them the feeling that they are viewing the property in real time, which helps them make a better connection with the home, and a better vantage point for any plans for them and their family in the future. While still images can do a lot to tell the story of a property, only a video will give the viewer a real flow of the property, and an idea of the size of the property and the rooms within it.
Real estate video is fast becoming a trend with real estate developers who are looking to showcase their homes in an informative way while still being aesthetically pleasing. It also allows the character of the property to be brought to life before the viewer’s eyes. This helps potential buyers feel more at ease with the property, and presents them with a clear call-to-action.

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