Sandwell Registry Office wedding film – Bhavna and Jaz

While many people dream of their one perfect wedding day, the wonderful couple Jaz and Bhavna were lucky enough to make their perfect wedding last for three whole days. Jaz and Bhavna made all of their wedding dreams come true with a Sikh wedding day and a Hindu wedding day and a civil ceremony to recognise their love and their commitment to one another in the best possible way – multiple ways!
This video is the wedding film from their civil ceremony which I had the pleasure of being the cinematographer for. Set on a crisp and bright spring day, there were blue skies above and spring blossom filling the trees, the civil ceremony took place at Sandwell Register Office in West Bromwich.
The day started with preparations at home with Bhavna being helped into her beautiful white wedding dress by her family, friends and bridesmaids. Filming the preparations was great fun as the party atmosphere was in full flow as the house exterior was adorned in cascading fairy lights, showing the neighbourhood that today was a cause for celebration.
As a cinematographer, the preparations were great fun to film. There were excitement and anticipation from the women getting ready; a time filled with laughter, bonding and sharing of stories. Outside the men were preparing by polishing the cars and adorning the wedding car fleet in bright, sunny yellow ribbons. The perfect sunshine colour for the perfect wedding on a spring day and making sure that all of the guests arrived at the ceremony in style.
As everyone met at Sandwell Registry Office, the sun was shining, and the sky was clear, every congregated outside, before making their way into the ceremony room for the civil ceremony to take place.
The ribbons on the car were not the only place where the yellow theming was use as all members of the wedding party has bright yellow corsages or bouquets to hold. The look was truly mesmerising with the bright, sunshine yellow against the bright white dresses. The yellow could symbolise many things in this wedding, from their sunny, happy personalities, the sunshine of this bright spring day of maybe even Saraswati, the Hindu Goddess of Wisdom and Knowledge who dressed in white to symbolise the purity of mind and favourite flowers are always yellow.
It was a pleasure to film the vows, which were filled with romance and love. Lines such as ‘all that I am, I offer to you’ and ‘all that I have I share with you’ showed that this wedding was full of love and friendship, sharing and providing and making their life together a partnership in every way possible.
With so many proud onlookers and emotion filling the room is was easy to make a wedding film that showcased the happy couple and their friends and family. For the perfect wedding cinematography, you want to ensure you convey the happiness that is surrounding you and with so many smiles, laughter and embraces it was very easy to show the love that was felt at the wedding ceremony between Bhavna and Jaz.

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