The Wedding Film Of Jayesh and Divia

As a wedding videographer, I always hope to capture weddings filled with colour and beautiful imagery. The wedding of Jayesh and Divia certainly exceeded my expectations with a backdrop of lush, green forestry, dazzling outfits and even colourful flares. It was a pleasure to create a wedding film for the happy couple and to explore all of the beautiful colours and emotions of their very special wedding day.

How they met

After an introduction through mutual friends, Jayesh and Divia quickly bonded over their shared interests from travelling to explore new places and discovering the best vegetarian and vegan food that London has to offer. Complimenting each other’s personalities perfectly, it was clear to their friends and family that they were a couple who could happily spend the rest of their lives together.
Then, while visiting SKSST Harrow Temple, Jayesh and Divia held their engagement event. A beautiful and memorable that signalled the first step of their future together with their new, bigger families.

The wedding day

With all the preparations complete, the wedding day was a beautiful and well-organised celebration. I was happy to be chosen as the wedding videographer for Jayesh and Divia’s wedding as I regularly work with Jay’s sister Deepa. Deepa is a photographer and together with her partner Trush are runs Obscura Photography. Our wedding expertise has meant that we have worked together across many weddings.
I began the wedding cinematography filming the groom’s arrival at the wedding venue, Shree Swaminarayan Temple Willesden. The temple chosen was a risk. During wedding planning, the temple was ruled out, until they found out the wedding hall was being refurbished and extended. Taking a chance, the couple decided to opt for the wedding venue without knowing what it would look like. Fortunately, it was everything they wanted from a wedding hall and more!
The groom’s journey to the wedding venue was indeed an unforgettable moment. With a convertible Ford Mustang in red, complete with a huge welcoming party releasing bright flares into the sky. As a wedding cinematographer, it was really fun trying to capture the bunting in the sky, the smoke stream from the flares and of course, the beautiful car!
Upon arrival at the venue, the groom was greeted with garlands and led into the ceremony with dancing and the captivating drumming. It was time for the wedding ceremony to begin.
The love between the bride and groom was clear to see. It was the love, humour and friendship of the couple that put a unique spin on the wedding ceremony. It was a wedding ceremony that had every single wedding guest entranced. It was certainly a joyous and emotional affair! I enjoyed capturing the expressions and emotions of all of the wedding guests.
After the ceremony, there was time to capture some beautiful shots in the park near temple. This was a perfect moment to capture the bride and groom as just the two of them, and it was filled with laughter and love!

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