Sikh wedding cinematography, Punjabi wedding film production. specialize in offering exceptional Sikh wedding cinematography using the Asian touch to the entire observance. We do understand the peculiarities and importance of each and every ceremony that takes place in a traditional Sikh wedding hence we take extra precaution to maintain decorum while shooting the video. Moreover, we make sure to include all the members of the wedding party in our video so that the whole family including relatives and friends feel elated to attend the wedding.

Most of the families want the videos to be shot since the time of the engagement or tikka ceremony, but it depends how many ceremonies you want to be added in your video. We shoot at both Groom side and Bride side so that all rituals can be enjoyed by everyone while watching the video later on. At bride side, we cover the ceremonies starting from ‘Chuda’. Personally, I love to shoot this elegant moment when a Punjabi would be bride is beautified with red and white traditional ‘Kadas’ by her eldest maternal uncle. This is the beginning of her new life and we make it larger than life using latest cinematography techniques.

Then comes the most lyrical moment when all the females of Bride side together sing the weddings songs. This is called maiyan ceremony, which takes places a day prior to the actual wedding. We ensure full coverage of this ceremony and also showcase the true emotions of women of the house by capturing their emotions from close. All rituals followed after that, are also shot by us with full precaution of keeping the status of the family and the sensitivity of the moment.

If we give personal touch to Bride side’s ceremonies in our video then we also not leave any stone unturned by putting daintiness to Groom’s side video as well. After all it’s a Sikh wedding cinematography and it should be full of Punjabi dances like ‘bhangra’ and ‘gidda’. We capture the entire Ghodi chadna ceremony and the whole wedding procession that takes place with all friends and relatives dancing to the Bollywood tunes. From milni to Jaimala and from Kanyadaan/phere in Gurudwara to Doli, we have arrangement for elaborating all these moments. It doesn’t end here, as we also allow bride and groom to have some private moments together in the garden/lawn outside the wedding area and that is the most wonderful and delicate part of our video.
Perfect light, perfect finish and perfect ambiance is given to all videos shot by us, so get in touch with us if you wish to enjoy your wedding day even after celebrating long years of togetherness!