The Wedding Film Of Bally and Amrita

There is no greater joy than a wedding day where friends and family are so excited to celebrate your special day with you. Before the wedding of Amrita and Bally even began, I could sense that this was going to be a huge celebration; there was excitement in the air for every guest.
With the groom, Bally, a DJ, it is no surprise that the energy of his wedding day was going to be electric and that was before the first dance even began! As such, it was a joy to be chosen as the wedding videographer to create the wedding film for Bally and Amrita. It was great to try and capture all of the energy, emotion and excitement in the air and showcase it through a fun, vibrant wedding film.

The love story of Bally and Amrita

In life, sometimes you meet two people that would be perfect for each other. Bally’s cousin certainly thought so, when he introduced Bally to his friend Amrita. A very successful set-up! As time went on, Amrita and Bally’s relationship blossomed and soon after they took a mini-break to Liverpool. It was here that they told each other; ‘I love you’ and honoured this love by placing a padlock on Albert Locks.
Going back to Liverpool years later, Bally and Amrita made even better memories here as Bally took Amrita back to the place where it all began, to propose! With love promised through their padlock, what better place to celebrate their engagement?
Their shared love of travelling and exploring new things together keeps their relationship fun, exciting, and it is this that is shown in their beautiful wedding day together.

The wedding day of Amrita and Bally

As the wedding cinematographer, I began the day by filming the preparations for the wedding day. Ensuring everything was in place, the suit sharp, the wedding dress perfect. It was a great honour to capture the excitement of the build-up. Amrita, the bride, looked beautiful with her stunningly intricate henna hands while the groom, Bally, certainly ensured he was well-groomed for the occasion.
With both ready, it was time to head to the wedding venue Ramgarhia Sabha Gurdwara. The venue was close to the heart of the bride, as it was a Gurdwara that she has been coming to since she was a little girl. Amrita said that the Gurdwara feels like home, especially as her family is in the committee, there was no better place.
As friends and family arrived, there were so many beautiful moments of friends and family embracing and enjoying the opportunity to catch up and share in the happiness of Amrita and Bally. The wedding ceremony began, full of beautiful and emotional traditions keeping every guest entranced.
Next day, it was time to celebrate, first by cutting the many-tiered wedding cake and then making sure there was plenty of space on the dance floor. The first dance of husband and wife truly sparkled with indoor fireworks completing the scene. From then on, the crowd were on their feet, with hands in the air, enjoying the band and the DJs and dancing the night away.
Bally even mixed a special composition from his cousin Jay to accompany the wedding video, a drum and bass version of the classic Sitting In The Park by Billy Stewart, which went with the wedding film beautifully and showed the party spirit of the occasion.

It was a pleasure to work with fantastic photographer Sunny Marwaha



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