Sikh wedding video Leeds – AVTAR & HARPREET

Avtar and Harpreet’s Sikh wedding was a beautiful event which I truly enjoyed recording. We spent few days together filming Pre-wedding events as well as Sikh Ceremony and the Wedding Reception.

I met the bride and groom before their Big Day to chat about their wedding plans and of course, to get to know each other a little bit. I knew it was going to be a great day in a good company. Avtar and Harpreet are such an amazing couple. Beautiful inside and out, humble and warm. They made me feel very welcomed at their Big Day and I hardly felt I was at work!

Avtar and Hapreet got married at Gurdwara Ramgharia Board Leeds. “As it was Harpreet’s local and her most regularly visited Gurdwara it was the best fit venue for our wedding. Gurdwara Ramgharia Board Leeds holds a special place in her heart as she visited there weekly without fail and occasionally performed hymns on stage. It was a great pleasure to have Gurdwara Ramgharia Board Leeds as our Wedding Venue”, shared Avtar.

As a Sikh wedding videographer, I start filming from the morning preparations and Avtar and Harpreet’s Wedding was not different. I believe it is very important to capture all those special moments when the bride and groom are getting ready as it is a great opening for a beautiful wedding day story. Sikh wedding videography continues throughout the day capturing all ceremonies and all the fun of course!


Avtar and Harpreet met online through an online dating and that is how their story as a couple started. “We love to cook together, travel, exercise, watch movies and TV shows, experience new cultures and cuisines”, said Harpeet. One day it was a time to take their relationship a step further and something amazing happened: “We met one night for what seemed like a normal evening. We went out for a couple of drinks and a meal. We had a great time as we talked and laughed and enjoyed our time together after some time apart. The morning after I surprised Harpreet with her engagement ring and asked her for her hand in marriage. She was shocked and in awe. We then celebrated with a weekend away in Edinburgh”,

We ask Avtar and Harpreet what they love about each other and their replies are truly beautiful. “I love that she has a funny goofy personality , I love that she’s smart and intelligent, I love that she puts her heart into everything she does, I love that she is a forward thinker, I love her cooking and her sense of flavour, I love that I can rely on her and that she helps me whenever she can, even if it’s to bring me a glass of water, I love her scent’s, always fresh and flowery, I love that she’s a good driver ”, said Avtar.

“I love his sense of humour, he always makes me giggle by doing the most random things around the house and out and about, I love that he is always warm and whenever im feeling cold, I know that cuddles with him will warm me up, I love his kind, understanding, loving nature, I love all of his general knowledge about anything and everything – he tells me something new everyday – I am forever learning!, I love how he takes his socks off before bed, I love his cuddles, he is my grizzly bear, He gives me strength when I need it most, I love that he always listens to me even though he may not always agree with me, I love it when he speaks punjabi and imitates punjabi grandparents”, shared Harpreet.

Avtar and Harpreet thank you so much for having me as your wedding videographer. It was a great plasure to film your Big Day. Your Sikh wedding video is absolutely beautifull. Check it yourself!

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