Mangal Fera – Indian Wedding Ceremony

As Wedding videographers we are fully aware that Weddings not only are a celebration of couple’s love and commitment but also their religion and culture. Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, religions, countries and recently, we had a pleasure to create a wedding video of Priya and Sandeep’s Indian Wedding.
One of the significant Hindu Weddings tradition is taking pheras (rounds) around the sacred fire (agni). Each completed circle represents the four stages of life and a promise made to one another. When Priya and Sandeep began heir walk around the fire, the first three circles were led by the groom, and it represented three of four goals of life considered important in Hindu life – Dharma, signifies the spirit of righteousness and one’s duty to follow the religion devoutly, Artha, signifies the path one and right means that one should take for earning one’s wealth and livelihood, striving for material gain and success, and endeavouring to help the poor and unprivileged whenever possible and Kama, which symbolises the love and dedication that a married couple should have towards each other. They should support and stand for each other, ‘for better or worse’, for the rest of their lives.
The fourth circle was led by bride and it represented the fourth goal of life – Moksha, which signifies liberation of suffering. Once a person gets married and encounters the bliss of marital fulfilment, he will find liberation from the sufferings and pains of unmarried life.

Priya and Sandeep Journey

Priya and Sandeep met at work in 2015. “Sandeep came back from living in New York in the summer and joined the team I was part of” said Priya. Two years later Sandeep decided to propose: “I took Priya to Venice in June 2018, started the evening with a gondola ride and proposed on a private rooftop bar, watching the sunset” We are sure it must have been an amazing moment for both of them. Sandeep: “I love how Priya is very supportive of my career and how she takes care of me”. Priya: “I love how caring Sandeep is and all the little things he does for me.”
Priya and Sandeep decided to get married in Sopwell House in 2019. This lovely Georgian country house set in 12 acres of picturesque Hertfordshire countryside, with its elegant period architecture, stunning interiors and picturesque garden created a beautiful backdrop for their Big Day! Priya: “We liked that we had the option for an outdoor wedding as well as loved the interior deco in the main room”



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