South Farm wedding film – James and Candice

“Your hearts brimming over with love for one and other.”

This beautiful quote was one that was spoken during a reading at the wonderful wedding of Candice and James. I had the pleasure of being the wedding cinematographer for their wedding held at South Farm, a charming and rustic venue in Cambridgeshire, which couldn’t have been a better and more beautiful setting for this joyful occasion filled with love and laughter.
My job was made easy by the pure happiness shown by everyone at the event; the happy couple caught up in a whirlwind of excitement, and the family and friends that joined them in this celebration were clearly proud to be a part of their incredible and wonderful story.

‘Friends, Soulmates Lovers’

Again, another quote from the wedding that was echoed in their every move. James and Candice were beaming with pride, and their laughter, love and body language truly showed they were meant to be. While they made my job easy as the love during the wedding was abundant, there were so many beautiful shots of love being shared, with the newlyweds and their guests, that it was hard to film them all!
After the church ceremony, where Candice and James pledged their vows to one and other, it was time to bring the party together over a tasteful wedding breakfast with both moving and hilarious speeches; you felt the whole wedding party truly come together and feel involved in their journey. It was clear from all the guests that this romantic couple couldn’t be more suited to each other and this wedding was a special moment they all wanted to be a part of.
After dinner, the party continued as the revellers got treated to a live band. With feel-good live music, the whole of the wedding party took the dancefloor to pull shapes, let their hair down and enjoy the moment. Music and laughter filled the room, and it was an incredible sight to see and to film.
The wedding truly summed up the couple, from the picturesque church, to the enchanting grounds and rustic barns of South Farm, to the band, music and laughter wherever everyone invited united in this joyful and blessed occasion. While the blissful couple couldn’t keep their eyes of one another, the families joined together united by their pride and love and so happy to see their loved ones start the rest of their lives together.
I hope that the wedding film I made, can truly be treasured by the newlyweds as a documented start of a new chapter of their lives together and a chance to look back on the happiness and fondness shared by all of the guests that were present. When weddings are a whirlwind of excitement for the bride and groom, a wedding video is a perfect reminder of the magical day, a chance to stop and reflect and is something that can be looked back on frequently, for many years to come.