The city rooms and Ladywood Estate wedding film – Jatin and Monica

When you are declaring and showcasing your love for everyone to see, it is a time of jubilation and celebration. For the wedding of Monica and Jatin, there was so much love and so many reasons to celebrate; their special wedding was a spectacular four-day event.
With both a civil and Hindu ceremony as well two ceremonies at their home, it was a beautiful celebration of love and a privilege to be the chosen as their wedding cinematographer to capture and create a wedding video that will allow them to remember and relive the ceremonies again and again.
Set in the iconic Georgian venue, The City Rooms in Leicester was the location for the civil ceremony of Monica and Jatin. It was the perfect place for this part of the celebration; the City Rooms is a Grade-One listed property, steeped in history set in the heart of the city of Leicester. The building offers beautiful Georgian windows that let the light pour in and breath-taking chandeliers that twinkle and let the light sparkle down on the bride and groom and their guests.
The bride was radiant in her pure white dress while the groom was dressed smartly in a tailored suit with a gold tie and details. As they delivered their personalised vows, it was evident for all to see what a unique and special bond the couple has. Their vows had many references not only for the love they share for each other but how they are best friends too and that their ‘everlasting adventure as best friends continue to grow’. This is a genuine aspiration for every marriage to follow.
With scented white roses, dazzling confetti and enchanting bubbles, the decoration only heightened the wedding experience, and it was a delight to capture all of this beauty on film. Stylish and sophisticated, with every detail covered it was a grand occasion and a pleasure to film.
Week later Hindu ceremony took place in the magnificent Ladywood Estate in Oakham, Leicestershire. The stunning scenes captured here are what makes wedding cinematography so enjoyable.
The stunning grounds were the perfect location for the traditional wedding Baraat, where the groom, Jatin, rode into the wedding location of a beautifully decorated white horse. The scenes were incredible as the family and friends gathered together to dance, sing and play music as the groom arrived. The commotion was exciting and emotional as I tried to capture every moment and feeling in the dancing and singing that was going on around me.
After the Hindu ceremony where the rituals symbolised and solidified their love for each other, the party continued long into the night with dancing, live musicians, fun and laughter. The jewels on the dresses sparkled in the lights, and the mesmerising outfits created a sea of vibrant colour to enhance the party spirit even further.
While the party went on, the newlywed couple only had eyes for each other, highlighting the romance and love that filled the air at this special wedding ceremony.