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12 Sep

Wedding film – Kully and Chan

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Wedding film – Kully and Chan

Every wedding is a special occasion. It is a day where two very special people display their love and affection for one another and commit their lives to one another for eternity. That is exactly what the beautiful Bride Kully and the proud Groom Chan did on 01/05/2016.
The Sikh ceremony took place at Guru Har Rai Gurdwara. As you can imagine, being at Sikh ceremony there was a lot of traditional Sikh aspects to the wedding and there was certainly no shortage of colourful and vivid outfits and the intricacy of the outfits were simply mind blowing. The ceremony certainly delivered in every way. It had emotion. There was an abundance of happiness. There were two people whose hearts and souls had come together and all was captured on Video. It was a truly magnificent wedding that tugged at the heartstrings of every guest. Guests clung on to every word, romantic glances were made between the Bride and Groom, the love of two people simply filled the room.
The weather was fantastic and this set the day up to be one that would etch itself into the memory of every guest for the rest of their days. The reception was held at Edgbaston Cricket Ground, Birmingham and as a cinematographer this offered me the opportunity to really make the most of this stunning venue that has been at the heart of British traditions for many, many years.
From the moment the day began at their home to the reception at Edgbaston, there were moments of completeness, moments of fun and a togetherness – these are really strong aspects of a Sikh wedding and it was a real pleasure to capture it all on film.
It was contemporary, modern, traditional and there was a huge amount of fun had by all later that night. To say that I was proud to carry out the cinematography for their wedding is an understatement – it was amazing to be part of their special day and I would like to thank Kully and Chan for allowing me to share it with them.

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