Wedding video Marriott Leicester – Anil & Pooja

Cinematography have been part of my life for some time, and the filming of weddings never becomes tiresome. I am in the fortunate position to work with a variety couples as well as being able to witness a number of traditions from around the world. The couples I work with make the day memorable, and they ensure that my role is made much easier thanks to their lust for life and humour.
This is especially true for Anil and Pooja, who instilled a number of traditions into their day, without losing the element of fun. There is no mistaking the Anil and Pooja love each other dearly, but they are also best friends, which only goes to cement their union further.
It’s also evident how much this special couple mean to their friends and family, as all aspects of the wedding were filled with teary eyes and laughter as the two made their vows and made their union official.
Anil delivered a heartfelt, but humorous which filled the room with laughter and tears, all in one sitting. There were also speeches made by family, with an exceptionally heartfelt one delivered by Anil’s brother, who not only made it clear how much his brother meant to him, but how happy he was to have Pooja as a sister.
The high spirits carried on into the night, where even the dancing was a colourful, fun-filled affair, that wasn’t short of emotion.
Couples such as Anil and Pooja deserve all the happiness they share, and they are a catalyst for what weddings are really about. Working with such wonderful people only makes my role more enjoyable, so much so, I have to remember that I’m working.
Creating wedding videos not only allows the couple to enjoy their day over and over, but it also allows friends and family who were unable to attend the original wedding to join in with the celebrations. Wedding photographs are a tradition that will always be there, but a wedding video works in partnership to ensure that emotion and happiness felt on the day is captured forever.