Ami & Jay’s Sikh love story

Love is without a doubt one of the the most powerful emotions and at the same time one of the most difficult to explain. What love for Ami and Jay means? “Love is when you find that person who feels like home…feeling content knowing that no matter what, we will always have each other”, said Ami.

Ami and Jay’s story began in 2019 when they stumbled upon each other online. Not long after they decided to meet: “I was almost an hour late…he had arrived an hour early! We went for lunch in Milton Keynes and then for a walk around Campbell park…we walked and talked and laughed and then sat at the top of the hill to watch the sun set…”, shared Ami. What is absolutely wonderful about Ami and Jay’s story is that upon their meeting they already knew that they had finally found the soul they were searching for. “I’m so blessed to have found you…I can’t wait for us to grow old and grey together”, said Jay. “Jay ‘told’ me he was marrying me after second date! He proposed (following a rather hilarious interaction with the Pandora staff- he wanted a ‘real’ ring whereas I had suggested keeping things cheap n cheerful with a promise ring). We stood on the dock at lake Windermere whilst he asked the question…it was a beautiful moment!”, shared Ami.

The more time Ami and Jay spent together the more they fell in love with each other: “We love going for walks, sharing meals, making moments with our loved ones, growing mentally and spiritually…we love the adventure that life has become!”. Ami loves Jay’s sincerity, his sense of humour, his love for his family, his huge smile! “He has the biggest heart!”, said Ami. Jay thinks Ami is just beautiful, so caring and loving. “You make us all so happy”, shared Jay.

Ami & Jay’s Sikh wedding video

Ami and Jay decided to get married in September 2020. It was a lovely sunny day full of joy, laughter and positive energy. Their sikh wedding ceremony took place at Guru Panth Prakash Gurdwara in Leicester where surrounded by their nearest and dearest Ami and Jay become a husband and wife. “Marriage is a lifetime commitment to a partnership where you can grow, inspire one another, challenge one another and support one another”, shared Ami and Jay.

Dear Ami and Jay, it was a great pleasure to be your sikh wedding videographer. We absolutely loved filming your Big Day! Wishing you nothing but the best for this amazing journey you both decided to embark on.

Pleasure to work with amazing photographer Sunny Marwaha Photowalla

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