Hindu wedding cinematographer Wolverhampton – Sejal and Divesh

Lavishness and grandeur of a Hindu wedding is unbeatable and you can see this in the wedding video of Divesh and Sejal. The couple were madly in love with each other and to make their love immortal, they decided to tie the knot.
I am lucky enough to shot this wedding film, as I’ve always been fascinated with Hindu wedding cinematography where I get the chance to capture lots of traditions.
Wolverhampton is known for Asian community and this was the venue of this wedding. I began my videography with some beautiful shots of Divesh’s house, which was elaborately decorated for the function. I loved shooting the whole family of Divesh dancing on dhol beats at the exit of their house. It was typical Hindu baraat procession. I captured the marvellous shots of ladies who were dancing in their colourful Indian dresses. Divesh was looking elated in his shewrani and he even danced in baraat.
To give some real touch to the wedding film, Aleksandra captured those moments when Sejal, the bride was getting ready. I shot some amazing pictures of her in her wedding dress. She was looking stunning in her red and cream lehenga.
Around 10 am, the baraat arrived at venue where everyone from the bride side gathered to greet and welcome the groom and his family. In video you can see the fabulous decoration of the wedding venue. I specifically shot the Ganesha idol placed at the entrance. This gave my video an authentic Indian touch.
My favourite shots have always been the traditions of Indian wedding so I carefully took the pictures when Sejal’s mom took Divesh out of the car to take him to the aisle. There Divesh was splashed with holy water from leaf.
After these entrance ceremonies, I took some shots of stunningly decorated mandap where Divesh and Sejal sat. Sejal’s mom washed both Divesh and Sejal’s feet with holy water and honey. These shots make Hindu wedding cinematography truly superb.
Then from Sejal and Divesh’s garland exchange till Divesh’s wedding speech and couple cake cutting; I gave every shot my best.
I would also like to tell you that one week prior to this wedding, I shot Divesh and Sejal’s civil ceremony. The video was played at the wedding reception and guests really loved it!