Marlston House wedding video Berkshire – Lee & Julie

As a professional wedding videographer, I understand just how important it is to capture the moment a couple make their union official in just the right way. I also understand that friends and family attendance contribute just as much to the day as the couple themselves.
As well as working alongside couples who are looking to get married, I also work with those who have been happily married for a number of years, and are merely looking to renew their vows.
One beautiful couple I had the pleasure of working with was Lee and Jule, a couple who opted renew their vows in intimate Church located near Marlston House in Berkshire, a country house that is home to a series of beautiful gardens that span over sixty acres of land.
Despite their high-class surroundings, Lee and Jule’s fee were kept firmly on the ground, as they looked into each other eye’s and renewed their vows which were first made twelve years ago. Friends and family cheered as the couple exchanged their vows, and all eyes were on Lee and Jule as they celebrated the first dance, just like they did on the day of their original wedding.
The secret to capturing the perfect wedding video is to capture what makes the day so special. This can include the laughter, the tears, couple themselves and their wonderful children
It’s evident how in love Lee and Jule are, and as such, my role is made so much easier. Lee and Jule mean just as much to their friends and family as they do to each other, which makes for a spectacular memory-laden video that will bring joy in years to come.
There are so many reasons as to why a couple decides to have a wedding video shot alongside their wedding photographs.
They can make ideal gifts for loved ones, or even allow family and friends who weren’t able to attend the wedding to enjoy the emotion that was experienced on the day. This is no different for those wishing to renew their vows, as the day is just as important as their initial wedding day.
When shooting wedding videos my role is made all the much easier by working with wonderful people such as Lee and Jule and I wish them all the best for the future.