Stowe House wedding – Leenesh and Vishna

The Stowe House Wedding Of Vishna and Leenesh

For every fairytale wedding, the perfect backdrop is essential. Luckily for Vishna and Leenesh, their dream wedding came to life at the beautiful and iconic 18th century Stowe House. Stowe House was built for entertaining and celebration, and to this day it is the perfect place for Vishna and Leenesh to welcome their friends, family and loved ones to celebrate their special day with them.
Their wedding day began with the necessary preparations. I focused my wedding cinematography on the bride and groom, and Aleksandra did beautiful shoots of Stowe House. While Leenesh adorns a stylish blue suit, his bride-to-be Vishna stepped into a stunning, crisp white wedding gown. Vishna looked beautiful and certainly took the breath away from all of the guests when she arrived at Stowe House.

The Ceremony

Before the ceremony, guests gathered to chat about the day ahead and catch up, then taking their places in the beautiful ceremony room. The civil ceremony took place in the Marble Saloon. The iconic Pantheon in Rome inspired the stunning elliptical room with a domed roof.
With romantic sculptures decorating the edge of the room and the beautifully decorated ceiling to look up to, complete with red marble pillars. The room itself is mesmerising and the perfect place for wedding videography. For the wedding film, it was essential for me as a wedding cinematographer to make the most of the stunning location in every single shot.
As the bride arrived, it was time for the ceremony to begin. Vishna had a flock of bridesmaids in her team, all looking resplendent in their matching light pink dresses, each holding a stylish and simple white bouquet. As the entered the ceremony room, they provided the perfect build-up for the arrival of the bride. Her arrival certainly took the congregation’s breath away, and there were not many dry eyes left in the room!
The ceremony itself was heart-warming and thought-provoking and truly summed up the couple;
“When two people pledge their love and care for each other in marriage, they create a spirit unique to themselves which binds them closer than any spoken or written words”.

After The Ceremony

After the ceremony and Leenesh and Vishna were pronounced husband and wife, the crowds assembled on the stairs of Stowe House to welcome the couple in the traditional way; with plenty of confetti throwing! At the bottom of the stairs, Leenesh and Vishna completed another romantic wedding activity by releasing a flock of white doves into the sky. This was a beautiful moment to capture in the wedding film.
The celebrations continued with an elegant wedding breakfast while friends and family chatted, laughed and celebrated the next step on the journey for the happy couple. Of course, there were plenty of selfies to take and memories to treasure from the special day.
Finally, the day and the wedding film ended as Vishna and Leenesh stepped into their horse-drawn carriage, pulled by magnificent white horses and began their journey in the next chapter of their lives and husband and wife.

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