It is said that love is the most powerful force in the universe, and for two beings, who love each other, nothing is impossible. As a wedding videographer who has a pleasure of documenting weddings where love, without a doubt, is at the center of everything I am constantly amazed by its sheer power to alter and define our lives. Love has many definitions and for each of us it takes its unique meaning. So what is love for Serena and Vikram I wonder?
“Love for me is being there for each other whenever we need one another. Showing you care in every way and forever being each other’s rock. Making each other happy and always making an effort with one another. Being loved is the best feeling in the world”, said Serena.

“Being able to have the love I receive from Serena is a blessing in every single living moment. Bringing me the best feeling there is, I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Love is peace and with Serena I am at peace. I will always be there to support her throughout her life and give her love she deserves”.

Vikram and Serena went to the same college but Vikram was in the year above. Their older brothers were friends also and so they knew of each other that way too. Their friendships and love blossomed and one day they’ve decided to start the new chapter in their lives. “Vikram took me on holiday to Ibiza, little did I know he was planning a very special moment for us! A couple of days into our holiday, we’d just returned from lunch at a nearby beach and decided to relax on the sun beds where I fell asleep. A while later I woke up a bit dazed and asked if we could go back up to the room and Vikram led the way. He didn’t go toward the lifts though but toward the beach front of the hotel, I was confused! He led me down the steps to an area on the beach where it all became clear and there was the most beautiful table set up with rose petals, fruit, champagne and candles in bags which spelt out ‘MARRY ME?’ It was a very special moment”, shared Serena.


Vikram and Serena got married on a beautiful sunny day in October at the Sikh temple in Nottingham. “Marriage for me is spending the rest of my life with my best friend and knowing we’ve got so much to look forward to together. It’s being transparent with one another and sharing everything. It’s a forever partnership which is fun and filled with love and laughter”, said Serena.

“You get to be with your best friend forever, build a life, have kids and create unforgettable moments. Marriage is a bond between two people who share a magical mutual love. Having the blessing to be together is so special every day, I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together on our adventures across the world filled with happiness and laughter,” shared Vikram.

It was absolutely wonderful to see Serena and Vikram making their commitment to love, trust and support each other to the rest of their lives.

“I love that Vikram is so caring, not only for me but for everyone around him. He’s kind, generous and loving and it really shows as everyone loves him. I love his sense of humour, his calm nature and that makes me take risks! He’s also the most handsome man I’ve ever met and I love that!” said Serena.

“I love how much she cares about me and is always putting me first. She is so thoughtful and makes my life 100 times more easier than it should be! She’s my rock, my world, my absolute everything on this planet and can’t see myself with anyone else but her. She is funny and cute and always makes me laugh! She knows exactly how I’m feeling and what I need when I’m down. She is the most beautiful girl I have ever met and I’m still pinching myself today asking myself how did I land myself this girl? She always makes me feel special and makes loads of effort for me – I’m so lucky to have her in my life”, said Vikram.


Colwick Hall Hotel is a beautiful Palladian style Georgian country house mansion situated in Nottingham. Surrounded by sixty acres of parkland this historic building dating back to Saxon times proved to be an ideal weddings venue. As Sikh wedding videographer I absolutely loved filming there. We are so happy that we had the pleasure to create a wedding video for the Bride and Groom and may we just say – it turned out absolutely beautiful and that is all thanks to Vikram, Serena and their family and friends. We hope you will enjoy every special aspect of your wedding day in this beautiful and emotional wedding film. We asked Vikram and Serena what they remember the most about their Big Day:

“I remember it all! The most memorable moments being I didn’t sleep a wink the night before and also walking down the aisle toward Vikram and my heart beating out my chest with nerves. I knew my prize was waiting for me though, so I had to keep reminding myself that it was all going to be fine. I also remember so clearly the moment after our Anand Karaj ceremony and feeling so happy and blissful as I knew we were finally married with our families and God’s blessing”, shared Serena

“I remember every single moment truth be told however a main point i’d like to think I remember most is when I was sitting waiting for Serena to walk down to me and greet me for the first time as the next hour would see us start the beginning of the rest of our lives together. I remember looking to my left and the first thought was ‘Is this real?’ I was now sitting with the most beautiful woman in the world and about to become a married couple! I also remember the overwhelming feeling of joy and excitement as we exchanged vows and finally were married. I’m so grateful for all my family and Serena’s family for making the day so special, so thank you all!”, said Vikram.

Vikram and Serena, thank you so much for having us as your wedding videographers. We wish you nothing but the best for the future.

Pleasure to work with amazing photographer Sunny Marwaha Photowalla

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