LOVE IS BEING THERE FOR Sandeep and Raveena

A wedding is a celebration of trust, partnership, commitment and most of all love but is not just about a couple getting married. Tears of joy, the happiness on everyone’s face, two families coming together and having all your nearest and dearest beside you celebrating your union – that’s what weddings are made of. Without a doubt it is a day with many memories in the making that the bride and groom will never forget.

“Sandeep and Ravina’s Big Day was a happy and wonderful event full of laughter and countless emotions and as a sikh wedding videographer I absolutely loved to capture all those beautiful moments. They met a few years ago the way all great people meet these days. “Sandeep chose a restaurant for our first date, the Other Naughty Piglets in London. I was late but he didn’t seem to mind. We sat at the kitchen counter watching the chefs cook for us as we spent the evening getting to know each other. After saying goodbye, who knew that this was the beginning of our life together. In late 2019, Sandeep hastily organised a holiday on the pretense that he wanted to visit a restaurant in Reykjavik called Dill. Sounded like something he would do! After Reykjavik, we drove to a beautiful remote house on the coast. As the evening fell, the sky lit up with the northern lights. I rushed out to see them, and as I turned, Sandeep was on one knee to propose”, shared Ravina and that beautiful moment was a start to building a new path and sharing a journey together. We asked Sandeep and Raveena what they love about each other – “his kind heart, his cooking skills and logic”, replied Ravina and Sandeep said “her selflessness, her devotion and her dancing”.

Dear Sandeep and Raveena, thank you so much for using our services to film your wedding. We hope you will enjoy your beautiful sikh wedding video for yeary to come.

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