Alrewas Hayes wedding film – Mr and Mrs Huseinmiya

It was my pleasure to be the cinematographer for the beautiful wedding and civil ceremony of the happy couple, Mr and Mrs Huseinmiya. Set in the impressive grade two listed manor house, Alrewas Hayes, the scenic rolling countryside was the perfect backdrop for the big day. The style and the glamour of Mr and Mrs Huseinmiya wedding day was simply stunning and their meticulous attention to detail of the whole day made it a delight to film as everything seemed to sparkle and shine in the light.
“Love and friendship that lasts.” This beautiful quote was said by Mr Huseinmiya in his wedding vows and truly showed that there was a marriage that was not only for sweethearts but bests friends too. The vows continued with hope “that our future will be filled with happiness and joy” a lovely sentiment that was already apparent thanks to all of the smiling faces of the joyful guests that were present.
After the ceremony, the guests had time to marvel the stunning surroundings of Alrewas Hayes in a remote and quiet area of Lichfield. The setting is truly picture-perfect with beautiful lakeside views, and authentic rooms, with high beams and lavish décor. Mr and Mrs Huseinmiya made sure their wedding day was absolutely perfect, from romantic vows to the chic and stylish decorations. The luxury of the setting and the exquisite detail of every aspect of the wedding gave so much to marvel at; it was a wedding cinematography dream!
The wedding breakfast was held in a room that that mesmerising with each table setting being full of glamour. Mr and Mrs Huseinmiya also took an unusual but wonderful approach of large tables full of people, so that everyone could converse easily and gave everyone full involvement in their special day. The video I created on their wedding day is full of friends and family hugging and embracing; this showed how happy all of the guests are and how everyone had such high emotions on such an incredible day for both families.
The atmosphere was heightened with an incredible pianist and violinist who accompanied the proceeding with beautiful music that gave the wedding even more grandeur. The bride, looked radiant and beautiful in the white wedding gown she wore for the civil ceremony and dazzling in her peach and gold traditional Muslim dress where every inch of the fabric seemed to be adorned with jewels. Both of the dresses were mesmerising, and the sparkles on the dress made bride light up and cast a shimmer wherever she went.
The glitz and glamour of the occasion were all around, from the beautiful outfits everyone wore to the candelabras and flower arrangements, the decorations but obviously, nothing sparkled more than the new wedding bands that adorned the newlyweds. Thanks to the private setting of Alrewas Hayes and the glamorous decorations and perfect theme of the wedding, it felt like an extraordinarily elegant and exclusive affair which is the perfect way to make the wedding of Mr and Mrs Huseinmiya an event to remember for the rest of their happy life together.