Hindu wedding video London – Chetan and Vijya

“For yesterday’s memories, today’s love and tomorrow’s dreams.”
After spending four blissful years together, it was the right time for Chetan and Vijya to take their relationship to the next level and become husband and wife. Choosing the beautiful Swaminarayan Satsang as their stunning wedding location, their families and friends gathered together on a beautifully sunny day to celebrate the love of Chetan and Vijya and be a part of their magical Hindu wedding ceremony.

The wedding ceremony

As the wedding cinematographer, the first job for me was to be ready for the groom, Chetan’s arrival at the beautiful wedding location. The location was the Swaminarayan Satsang, a Hindu temple complete with function rooms and tranquil grounds in the heart of Middlesex.
As the groom arrived in a stunning white vintage Bentley, he was greeted by his friends and family. Fortunately, the weather was kind to make the most of the classic open-top wedding car. With smiles all around, the excitement for all guests was evident to see and a pleasure as a cinematographer to capture on film.
After the groom’s arrival, the guests took their place in the temple to await in anticipation for the arrival of the bride, Vijya. Smiles beamed and the emotion was felt as Vijya entered the ceremony, looking beautiful in a traditional red wedding dress. As well as wearing red, the symbolic colour for Hindu weddings symbolising prosperity and fertility, the ceremony celebrated many traditional aspects of Hindu culture which was wonderful to capture for their wedding film.
After the bride and groom presented each other with garlands of beautiful red roses, they took their walk around the holy fire. As they started this aspect of the ceremony, friends and family gathered around the throw confetti over the happy couple. This was a great sight to capture for wedding cinematography, as you could see the beaming smiles from the bride and groom and the joy from the loved ones throwing handfuls of confetti so that it showered the couple in beautiful glimmering colour.

The celebration of a marriage

After the ceremony, it was time for the celebrations to begin. For the celebrations, the bride looked radiant in a midnight blue dress while Chetan looked smart in a tuxedo. With friends and family gathered together to join in the joyous occasion, Chetan made a marvellous speech thanking his bride for the priceless times and amazing memories they had together with hope for many more.
Throughout their wedding dance, it was evident that Chetan and Vijya were made for each other as they beamed with love, pride and their ever-present smiles. Their smiles and laughter as newlyweds created many romantic moments for the wedding film, which will provide them with treasured, happy memories for many years to come.
Once Chetan and Vijya had cut their gorgeous, flower-adorned, many-tiered cake, it was time for dancing. A band entered the stage, and the bright lights filled the dancefloor. Firstly, it was the big moment for the bride and groom, the first dance. After their special moment, friends and family filled the dancefloor. It was a joy to film everybody celebrating together and was clear to see that everyone wished Chetan and Vijya a lifetime of happiness together.

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