Leicester Tigers wedding film – Vanisha and Divyesh

The Wedding Of Vanisha and Divyesh

At one of the biggest weddings I’ve ever created a wedding film for, the lovely couple did not only need a wedding venue, but they needed a whole stadium! The Hindu wedding of Vanisha and Divyesh took place in the iconic Leicester Tigers stadium. For the bride and groom’s own matchday, they invited over 600 supporters to cheer them on in the form of their friends, family and loved ones.
From the very beginning, it was clear that the wedding film I was creating was a huge celebration and capturing the atmosphere of 600 happy wedding guests was quite a challenge. However, with smiles all around and a beautifully intimate and intricate ceremony, Vanish, and Divyesh had struck a fantastic balance as an all-out celebration while keeping the romance and special moments between them both.

The Beginning

The day began as guests congregated outside the Leicester Tigers stadium. Drummers and musicians began the party atmosphere as the groom arrived for the Vara Yatra. This led to dancing and singing from many of the guests as they welcomed the groom and looked forward to the upcoming wedding ceremony. For the bride, the wedding day began in a more relaxed setting as she got ready for the big day. With beautiful mendhi patterns adorning her hands, plenty of glittering jewellery on her wrists and a stunning floral headdress, the bride looked beautiful in her wedding gown.

The Ceremony

Once ready, it was time to make her way to the venue and begin her wedding ceremony. In Hindu weddings, it is not just the partnership of the bride and groom that makes the day special; it is the coming together of both families. The ceremony involved many aspects for the family to show their union and joy at the marriage and love between Vanisha and Divyesh. Bhangra drummers lead the way while friends and family of the bride lined the aisle with flower petals to make way for her grand entrance. As it was such a huge ceremony with 600 guests filling the room, the aisle was incredibly long for the bride and groom to make an impact when arriving. The ceremony involved many intricate and heartfelt traditions longstanding in Hindu culture. As a wedding cinematographer, I love capturing the moment where the bride and groom offer floral garlands to each other as well as the tying of their hands together in the Hastamilap which signifies the unbreakable bond between the two newlyweds.

After The Ceremony

After such an incredible ceremony, it was no surprise that emotions were running high as everyone celebrated the love between the newly married couple. Tears of joy between family and friends quickly turned to laughter as everyone joined together to celebrate the happiness of the bride and groom. As well as capturing the party atmosphere of all the guests, the stadium offered a fantastic place for the bride and groom to take in the day and enjoy the first moments as husband and wife. For wedding cinematography, it is just as important to capture these significant moments between the couple as it is to capture all of the guests and preserve them to memory. Finally, the bride and groom left the wedding venue in style. Sat in the back of a Bentley, the whole wedding party congregated to wish them farewell as they began the next chapter of their life together.

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