The great barn in Aynho – Jon and Kirsty


One of our absolute favourite things about being wedding videographers is hearing all the wonderful love stories that couple share. Their first meeting, the magic, the journeys of fate and of course the love and how it blossomed.
Kirsty: “Jon and I met online. Modern courting! Jon had been online dating for a couple of years and I had only been at it for a couple of days! Jon asked me out on a date soon after we started chatting and the rest is history.”
Jon: “I remember the first time I saw her standing by the flower stand outside the station. I walked over to say ‘hello’ and she responded with the beamiest of smiles. Could it be love at first swipe?”
As wedding cinematographers we know that each engagement story is very unique to each couple and that is what we love about them. It really is the most incredible few moments of your life…
Kirsty: “Jon and I got engaged in New York which was perfect. I lived there for a year when I was studying but it was Jon’s first time. With Jon’s surname being Ellis, he always thought it would be fun to propose on Ellis Island, so he didn’t let the opportunity pass by and it turned out to be a fantastic location with the downtown skyline and Statue of Liberty in view”.
One of our favourite quotes from Jon and Kirsty’s Big Day: “Always remember, if you look for it, I’ve got a sneaky feeling you’ll find that love actually is all around”


“We love to go on long country walks where we live in the Chilterns and stopping off for a beer and a roast dinner on Sunday is a favourite pastime. We’re huge film and television lovers, so you’ll often find us at home on a Friday night watching a horror movie as it’s the only genre that can keep me from falling asleep at the end of a long week! We’re regular cinema goers and always have a holiday booked as we love to travel, whether that’s in the UK or further afield. Our next trip is to India and Vietnam!”
“I love the fact that I can be 100% myself when I’m around Jon. He’s so patient and level-headed, whereas I’m not, and he calms me down so I can think about something rationally. His sense of humour is very geeky which I love and his smile is the cutest. He knows that playing with my hair and stroking my head is my favourite form of affection!”
Jon says: “Gorgeous to look at. Cares deeply for others, works hard and pursues her passions. Very romantic and reminds me everyday of her love. Encourages me to grow and has a great sense of humour.”


Many of our couples say, that finding the perfect weding venue is a tricky task as it is playing a vital role in the success of your Bid Day. Hovewer, it’s much easier by first deciding on the style of party you’re after, and the kind of vibe you want to create.
Kirsty: “We were looking for a rustic wedding vibe in close proximity to the church in my hometown and The Great Barn fitted that brief! It was simple and beautiful. We were really impressed with the flexibility that the staff at the barn offered; they were clay and we could mould it to our liking. They always made me feel at ease and that everything was under control.”
Indeed, The Great Barn in Anyho was a fantastic choice and an ideal setting for a beautiful wedding.

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