Sattavis Hall wedding film Wembley – Mayur and Anotti

One of the best things about being a wedding cinematographer is that I get to experience a vast selection of different wedding styles and traditions.
No matter the culture; I love nothing more than seeing families come together to celebrate the love that is shared between two people.
So, needless to say I was pretty excited about covering the wonderful Hindu Wedding of Anoti and Mayur.
After the first meeting, the love between this wonderful bride and groom developed; before they finally said their vows and joined together forever at the beautiful Sattavis Hall in Wembley.
Working in a beautiful place such as Sattavis Hall makes my job all the easier. Located in the bustling area of Wembley, London, this modern building makes for the ideal backdrop for a stunning wedding.
It provides a neutral backdrop and add colour as well as great style creating an ideal place to say I do.
Hindu weddings are an amazing celebration. With plenty of bright colours and beautiful fabrics worn by guests and the wedding party alike. A simple look at the wedding video that we put together shows the bright rainbow of colours that comes with a Hindu wedding.
We were delighted to see Anoti walk down the aisle in stunning traditional attire and being able to capture the moment that the groom first set eyes on his beautiful wife is something that we are always proud to be able to capture.
After the wholly traditional Hindu ceremony we stayed behind to capture the reception; which had a thoroughly western feel. The bride and groom arrived much to the delight of their guests, the cake was cut and everyone had the most wonderful evening of dancing, spending time together and simply relishing in the beauty of two hearts coming together.
This wedding was great fun to film and huge thanks has to go to my right hand woman Aleksandra, who was the second shooter on the day and did an amazing job of the entire cinematography.
I wish the happy couple the best of luck for their future and hope that their wedding film is one that they treasure for many years to come.