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19 Dec
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West Wycombe Estate wedding film, Bengali wedding cinematography – Nurain and Ria

My most recent shoot involved a wonderful couple who wanted to make their union official, and did so with a beautiful Bengali Hindu wedding held at the luxurious West Wycombe Estate, a luxurious location which is home to many literacy television adaptions, as well as being used in the popular TV series ‘Downton Abbey.’
Nurain and Ria are evidently happy in each other’s company, and this was evident throughout the day. In fact, if the couple hadn’t been getting married, you would assume they were already officially wed. Both Nurain and Ria were beaming throughout the day, and it’s not hard to see why.
As well as being in each other’s company, and of course making their union official, they were also surrounded by family and loved ones who where keen to ensure that the union of the couple be one that wasn’t forgotten in a hurry.
Anyone present found it hard not to shed a tear of joy, especially when Ria’s father made an emotional speech about how he views Nurain as the son he never had, and was only too happy to welcome him into the fold.
The whole wedding was filled with Hindu tradition, complete with eye-catching wedding attire and wonderful ambience overall.
The dancing that followed was also a joy to behold. As well as the emotional first dance, friends and family came together to ensure the wedding was celebrated, and that the couple knew just how much they were loved by everyone.
Working with couples like Nurain and Ria reminds me why I started in the business, and also why it never becomes a chore. I wish Nurain and Ria all the best for the future, and hope they have a happy and fulfilling life in whatever they choose to do.
My role as a videographer takes me on a number of emotional journeys. Regardless of whether it’s a corporate event, or a wedding film, there is always something present that makes each and every event unique. The footage captured will help the couple remember just how important they are to each other, as well as friends and family. It also allows close friends and family who may not have been able to view the original ceremony to take part in this emotional and beautiful day.

Photography: Brett Symes Photography

Watch whole wedding film of Nurain & Ria online

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  1. Slawa Walczak - Wedding Photographer January 9, 2017 3:43 pm

    Honestly, I almost cried, actually I cried a little. Beautiful video but the choice of music couldn’t be better Rob. You always choose such fantastic tunes.

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